Dec. 19, 2012
by James Carr


Saturday J. Carr #12134

According to the dictionary, it is basically change, by which certain physical components are primarily fused to cause altering of chromosomal development? I put the question mark there, because I am not that versed on the scientific facts of how chromosome fusion, mitosis, etc? I am aware that a premise is in all of it, and I believe that primary platform is not only a material thing, it is also of the mind. As a student of metaphysics, I've discovered that mind is the true author of all occurrences, that the term 'mutant' is more applicable to the dimension of mind (spirit). If we look back, or if we look into the possible, or potential future, we can assess certain outcomes by what we have, or what we've had? The naturalist find that in particular, Homo sapiens will evolve into creatures of God like abilities, although God is hardly a factor in naturalist ideologies? As for religionist, and spiritualist, the fate of humanity depends on our adherence to strict religious dogmas, tenets, etc, or a saviour, as we Christians believe. In all accounts, there is an alteration, or mutation from what we are now, is it not? The inevitable conclusion is that some form of evolving will happen to us, and if we resist it, we only serve to impede our own destiny? I say this because all systems, nations, religions, philosophies, sciences, races, sexes, classes must fuse. The elements as it stands are causing storms, causing death; not just of the body, but of total consciousness. This only serves to escalate the wrong kind of competing (war) and that is not conducive to healthy mutation, is it not? Now the malthusianistic mind, might say that it is normal (war), that nature (life) makes way for the survival of any gender, by eradicating excess? This way of thinking, is it error? From a Christian viewpoint, yes, but from a naturalist point of view, perhaps not? The thing lacking is that since we can alter the ores of the earth, and via microwave frequencies have high tech toys. Then why is it so difficult for us to fuse ourselves into one common kind?

Is it fear that stops us from this mutation? Have we become complacent in our troubled world, do we embrace the notion of some that say, "That's just the way it is", or are we truly disturbed by what we see? As a prisoner, this environment is not natural, yet even so we have a community, and life, as we say goes on. It is true, you can not stop the premise, man is gregarious, and even in isolation, we will socialise. The objective of prison is to control, and repress, to punish, yet the ideology is as criminal, as the person convicted of a felony, and placed in prison, why? The attempted mutation goes against nature itself, by taking sex from a human being, you strip away the psyche gen, or syndrome; to reproduce, to carry on like kind. If we fully know our nature, then we should appreciate that to repress sexually is a very dangerous thing. The proxy, or surrogate is religion, yet is it truly sufficient to stem the tide? Here is the truth on mutation, it is not so much that one thing is, or becomes a total transformation, but a variation on a theme, and that theme is life itself? In spite of genders, all species live, do they not? All human beings, all animals, insects, plants are to some degree alive, the orchestrator of life sees to it that each does what it does, and perpetuates that kind. So then where is mutation, is it in the fusing (harmony) that all can exist in peace. That a universal symbiosis is possible? Again, we can construct things out of base ores, and manipulate frequencies to bring ourselves gadgets to enhance our lives, yet where it really matters, we are sadly lacking. So perhaps a mutation is necessary within our souls, not so much our physiques? Hey, it may even wipe out diseases, I mean is it impossible to imagine that by the power of our own determination, we can overcome all obstacles, that our destiny is to live as one,in total harmony? If this is mutation, then I am not afraid to go there. Is it not certain, that all too often people will use fear for reason, and will cling to certain conditions, listen only to certain leads, while they are missing true peace. I close in saying this, if we do not find the courage to mutate, by reason of our own thought, that it is needed, and out of fear, hold to a shaky reality, then are we really alive? Peace!

[Drawing of Gina, a Venusian vampire serpecoid, with her vital statistics]


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