Dec. 31, 2012

Comment Response

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)
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Daily Journal October 12-14, 2012
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3:13pm Friday Nov 30, 2012

Hi Schneehase

Yep... me again. Just had me a cup of coffee. Laundry just went by, so things are back to normal. On what I wrote in my daily journal Oct 12, 2012 5:42am, a lot of guys back here, innocent or guilty wouldn't agree with that. But that's how I feel. I hate sitting here with a gun pointed at my head, constantly reminded that they intend to pull the trigger and kill me. I just want to scream "PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER!". You get tired of the threats. I've set here two decades with a gun to my head being threatened, this is BS, it's cruel as hell! It messes with your mind, this damn cage... waking up every morning staring down the barrel of a gun. And they kill innocent people anyways. Go look at that 1989 case in Texas of that guy Carlos I think his name is. They killed, murdered the wrong Carlos. Here in Florida May 4, 1990, they murder Jesse Tafero. Murdered the wrong man. So mistakes are going to happen, you have the death penalty, you're going to kill innocent people. But why torture the hell out of us for 20, 30 years, or even a year before they kill us. Nope - again it's just my opinion, get it over with. But I hate this cage. I wish someone would walk up right now, put a gun to the back of my head and pull the trigger. 'Cause this is a rough way to exist. Sad, but true. Just my thoughts and the way I see it. Some guys, well they enjoy TV and what life they have here. I use the TV to pass the time before I go to sleep, and to keep up with current events. I'm just not big on TV. Texas Death Row has hotpots and typewriters and a cheaper canteen, I'd trade with them in a heartbeat. 'Cause I'd love to learn to type, and I'd be typing and cooking. :)

In here, it's all about passing time. Waiting your turn to die. That's the reality of my existence. Take care.

In peace, love and friendship

Ronnie :)


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SAH Posted 9 years ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years ago   Favorite
STFU, please. Thank You.

SAH Posted 9 years ago. ✓ Mailed 9 years ago   Favorite
Nobody (except perhaps your Mom) is interested in your drivel (that's a stretch).

STFU, Please. Thank You.

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