June 25, 2011

Love? I think it's...

by William Powers (author's profile)


Love? I think it's...

Puppy love: This is when you were little and had a little boyfriend or girlfriend for like a day or so and would say "I love you". Really you just like the person and didn't know what else to say. This type of love is fun but don't last.

Teeny bopper love: Now this type of love is a little more intense and is what majority of people experience. T.B.L. is the kind of hard hitting love that you think is forever but it won't be because you're not mature enough for it to. You'll hold onto fears, prejudices and false pride. You'll want to quit at the first sign of trouble and if for some reason you don't you won't let your partner live down their mistakes. T.B.L. don't last because you're too busy trying to prove why he or she is not good for you instead of working to help each other grow. T.B.L. don't work because you're too busy trying to prove that you're right all the damn time. See T.B.L. don't last because instead of filling your mind with good positive thoughts you slowly drip poison into your love by constantly thinking negative and searching out flaws. This is because you're not mature enough or secure enough for real love.

Real love: Now this type of love is rate and not everyone can accomplish this because there's no room for child's play here. R.L. A.K.A. true love is a love that radiates through your whole body but takes constant work within yourself. It don't just happen to you and although it my seem that way it's not. You actually created it and cultivated by positive thinking and fantasies. All that teeny bopper drama is left at the door along with any doubts. With R.L. you become confident and open to change, not overnight but at least willing. You'll find that staying together and helping each other succeed is all that's important. You don't point your finger at them or make them feel bad and that's why insecurities ruin R.L. For R.L. to flourish and continue it is as simple as wanting it to. Digging up and searching out flaws is not going to work, that's what immature insecure teeny boppers do. R.L. helps you work on those flaws with undying patience. For R.L. to last you have to try and lift your partner up. You can bring your relationship to this level or even if you lost it get it back, if you want. All you have to do is make a conscious decision to work through anything and mean it. Then every time you think about the person in question, only allow yourself to see them with fondness.


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