July 2, 2011

Believe Me

From Following Radiohead by Davon Reece (author's profile)


Believe Me (Poem)

I know my life has been a lie
I've been a liar all my life.
I know the how and not the why
I want o score the perfect ten.
I've been a liar all my life.
I want the what but not the when.
I think the time but not the
thought. I've been a liar all
my life. I think the thing but
not the who. I've been a
liar all my life.

I need to stick to you like
glue. I wish the kiss but not
the kill. I've been a liar all
my life. I wish the which but
not the will. I dream the dream
but not the deed.
I seek the strive but not
the strife. I know the
code. I feel the need.
I've been a liar all
my life.

I hope you liked the poem. Leave a comment. Thank you.

Just Say Hi!

God is great—God is good. Who do I have to remind other than myself to remember what's important is what's important. I was disappointed because there hasn't been not one comment. But they say it doesn't mean no one is reading my blog posts. But still, everyone knows that responses feel good. It makes you have meaning and it teaches you to listen.

So I ask to anyone who reads my blog: just say hi to me. We need always some enlightenment, and we need always to give compassion. For the mind as well as the mystical heart.

So my Radiohead The King of Limbs is being ordered. Has anyone listened to it yet? Please let me know if it's awesome. Is it awesome? Is my Facebook awesome? Check it out. I'm on Facebook.com/wiccans Devon Reece.

Bless it be.


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