Feb. 11, 2013

Solitary Confinement

by Guy S. Alexander (author's profile)


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Solitary Panel

Dear Sirs,

My name is Guy S. Alexander. I have been in prison for 23 years. My most recent stay was at the Allen B. Polunsky Unit in Livingston TX. My 1st prison was Ellis One in Hundsville TX... My sentence of death was overtuned in May of 2012. I am currently back in my hometown of Houston...

At Polunsky was the prison that is solitary in a way to describe myself, it was to take away more of your dignity than anything... mental and long-term isolation of human contact... We had no television, or group recs, no contact visits, the cells were body, a small narrow window at the top back of the cells... they made a day feel horrible by the so called paranoid rules, the pods as they called them housed 84 but it was 42 on one tow of 42 on 2 row tiers and divided into sections lettered A then F. Each section had 14 cells with each having their own dayroom in front, we got 2 hours per day up to 5 days, designating a day your section don't rec and Sunday no-one recs, only shower if you wish?

And you didn't have to rec or shower, that's something I felt was wrong because not only does it affect that person it affects all because of the chances of everyone else being around him...?

Solitary can lead to more harm to one's minds, I have seen this on both prisons, I'll explain in more letters...

If I may ask all the distinguished panel speakers to tell me more about themselves. It can allow me a better understanding of an individual too, my means of corresponding is by hand, I was in solitary for 12 years... As of now too, I'm in the Harris Country Jail... in a cell 24 hours a day and it's bad, they don't even have air here I asked about why there is no circulation vents, being with the flu season this jail is enclosed... I do have a TV and it helps, but a person needs input, friends to write and see and talk to them, feel free to write and tell me who you are. I can write and tell you more of my experiences, I hope what I have written can give you an idea of my world?

Is the Harvard School going to be reading the posts? The audience can write... I would like to know or answer any questions they like to know?

Write to me at my postal address.... Guy S. Alexander spm 00755699
1200 Baker St 2J1-m
Houston, TX, 77002-1217

Thank you,



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