July 6, 2011

To Business or Not to Business, That is the Question

by Kevin Gifford



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To Business or Not to Business...
That is The Question

There has been a business bug in me for a long time. I have done door-to-door sales for Cub Scouts, science club, German club, and other fundraisers when I was younger and it's still impressionable. Most of my work skills orbit around customer service, in all of its aspects and glory.

From thrift stores to big warehouse do-it-yourself stores; from medical clinics to financial institutions; I have worked with people. Learning from the greats such as: Zig ZIggler and Neopolian Hill (CDs and books). Learning from the staff above me and under me, teaching when the opportunity presented itself.

"The few of instability must be overcome, else one will succumb to the drowning torrents of an emotional tsunami."

When beginning a business, you're risking everything. A "good" start of having been in prison is that once you get out, you're starting from the ground floor. Your only option is to succeed. I have goals; I will keep my head up; I will make it. I am humbly asking for help with information. I know and understand only somethings about getting a business up and running. What I don't know is... a lot. :) If anyone is reading this, I'd love any help you will give.

My first idea has become three interconnected businesses. In the beginning, you have an idea. The next step is setting those ideas down on paper and where you want to go with them. Then, write your business plan, etc. This is my hang up: the business plan(s) and the research for them. These business ideas are in the markets of nutrition/health foods, restaurants, and organic food distribution. There are a few men in here who are willing to share their experiences, but I am looking for mentors and help.

Due to the "newness" of this enterprise, I am not yet willing to discuss it so openly on a blog. At the moment, I would like to ask a few questions to the business world:

1. What are 5-10 of the biggest obstacles in operating your business?
2. For the private, home-based business owners: where/how did you start? Funds, Distribution - Packaging, Space
3. For those on a small scale who blew up to a larger scale, what came first: customer or inventory? (chicken or the egg)
4. Might anyone out there be a specialist in the organic foods world? Laws/Regulations, Labeling/Packaging
5. Is anyone willing to share their individual supplier information for discounted equipment? Any other discount suggestions?
6. Any suggestions on books concerning: solar power setups, building "clean" rooms on a budget, and "cheap" warehousing ideas/options? Donations accepted.
7. I have a few ideas of how to set up these companies: INC., LLC, N/P, etc. If there are any legal gurus out there, please donate your knowledge.
8. The obvious question for everyone out there reading this: who will help?

At the moment, I am sponging as much information from those around me as I can. Everything in here is limited. Each piece of advice (from inside) must be take with a grain (or two) of salt. I will not give up. The mountain is steep, and the summit is far off. I only ask for the gear to aid me with the ascent.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you.

Kevin Gifford
P.O. Box 1010
Bastrop, TX 78602


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