June 2, 2011
by Kevin Gifford


Do you enjoy reading and writing? If so... write me I'll do what I can to fill the pages of every letter with adventure, suspense, and romance! Well, maybe not novel-worthy long-windedness, but I'll write a lot. Perhaps not so much suspense or romance. In fact, they may be lacking adventure too. As long as a bit of humor, abstract philosophy and plain ol' human-to-human communication is sufficient, go grab a pen.

A few thought provoking topics to bounce around include: Education, a little sports, craftwork, philosophy, entomology, social studies and just about anything else.

Please remember that beneath the surface of this savvy prisoner lies a man deprived of passions. I tend to be flirtatious and at times, blunt. If you wish to keep our communications "dear," just say so. I'd like pleasant pen-pals. I'd be rather put out to offend those I ask to spend their time on me.

All this points to you having to write to me to learn much more. You know, the important things in life, like favorite foods, colors and numbers. Not to mention groundbreaking, earth shaking truths such as favorite days of the week. Then, if time permits, we may get into more trivial matters like: political views, karma, goals and future plans.

Any race, any age, any religion, anyone is welcome. Thank you for your time, and if nothing else, I hope you enjoyed this introduction.

The above is what was submitted to an expensive pen-pal website with a word count - limit. Since there are less restrictions in length here, I can grant a closer view at what makes Kevin, Kevin.

Here are the stats: 6'-1" ht, 238 lbs, hzl eyes, blonde hair. I earned my H.S. diploma in 1997 and the BOP gave me the opportunity to earn my GED in 2009. My first tour in college was going to lead me into the vast fields of biochemical engineering. That never panned out. The next attempt was scaled way back to, advanced math and science. As life would have it, I didn't finish that degree either. The last realistic college I attended was for an AA in interior design. Believe it or not, ...I almost got that degree. Sometimes life has a school of knocks that one should pass before becoming submerged in classrooms full of books. I'm hoping that I'm getting at least a 'B' average, if not an 'A' for creativity. Specific educational interests of mine currently focus on: Kahbalistic (western/eastern thought), entomology and mycology. I am learning what I can about starting my own business to. If anyone wishes to donate books, feel free. (Hardbound books need to come from an organization [i.e. churches, bookstores, libraries, companies or publishers] and no more than 5 books at one time. More information on the BOP.gov website)

If you hadn't noticed I tend to be long-winded, and unless Between the Bars is kind enough to use spell-check for me, I'm not the strongest speller. On the bright side, if you do write to em, you're sure to receive some entertaining mail in return. An old friend of mine once told me that I write like I talk. She said that it shows that I am who I am and it's good to know who is behind the pen. Then again... some people just don't wish to read or write that much.

What are my interests in pen-pals? My biggest interest is getting mail. Next, is networking. My plans include getting certified through Ventana Del Soul and The Ocean Corporation. I plan on opening my business within a year of being released from prison. I am trying to get released to Austin, Tx. Therefore it would behoove me to attain some kind of connection in the area. Houston is next on the stops for schooling and then it's back to California. With this on the table, I ask anyone to write. I would rather have supportive pen-pals, but just to get mail. I'll accept convict-bashing mail as well. (You can learn from everything.)

Some men fight their hair loss. I have embraced it. That is why I wear my hair bald. I am not racist, nor do I discriminate on religion, sexuality, or financial status. I am a straight man who prefers women with a fuller figure, and open to building relations with all walks of life. I am not looking for a relationship. (I am in prison.) But companionship would be awfully nice. Maybe a visit? I am not looking for financial aid, although someone who can donate time, books or money, won't be turned away.

This makes for a good-general introduction. I hope I have sparked some interest in the audience and will be receiving mail soon. On the other hand, perhaps, all I have done is brought you a step closer to bookmarking/linking to this blog to read about one man's rantings, thoughts, feelings and views, feel free to mail me directly at:

Kevin Gifford
P.O. Box 1010
Bastrop, Tx.

or... post remarks to my blogs and we will build a community on here. Thank you for your time.

[photos of the inmate]


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