March 19, 2013

To My Scotas

by Uhuru Hamzah Din (author's profile)


To My Sistas,

Yet again, I was sitting back, reading, studying and thinking; which is an action that I've grown to enjoy. I've formulated a few ideas I need to put on paper. If it's the will of God you read with an open conscious mind. My main subject(s) should revolve around communication, communities and communal aspects in general regarding US. My missives may be long in length, but they contain merit, logic and TRUTH. So just sit back and be nourished off of this sustenance, sista.

We, as a people are in need of healing to restore our humanity and our extended family, to restore the wholeness to our community. LIBERATION is that transformation to freedom, power and authority. HEALING is necessary for establishing a new foundation for relating. The starting point is for us to begin to rethink the functions of who we are as Africans on these shores of Amerikkka, sistas. We have to develop openness and trust for one another and this'll influence the quality of our relationships. All too often, we confront evil through the oppressive process of declaring difference or "otherness", when we're all the same despite our past circumstances (slavery) and present predicaments (i.e. prison, poverty, drug addicts etc). The easiest way for us to fight evil is to be able to point at it and say, "There it is." Those who identify it understand themselves to be good or superior to the evil doer. The other must be destroyed whom was deemed evil. We want to be separated from convicts, welfare families, addicts, etc. There's however an impulse that encourages US to unite despite our desire to destroy others. This is the reason why we say things like, "Men [women], you can't live with them, you can't live without them." Although WE unite, our efforts are frequently deceptive and destructive. Before we can transform these sick, genocidal behaviors, our self-understanding needs to be renewed. "Know thy self." We need to find our way back home (family; community), sistas. Our history of the dungeons, the Middle Passage, chattel slavery, and Jim Crow has caused us to become separated from our bodies, ourselves and each other. This manifests itself in contemporary times in many ways; as isolation; hide and go seek; mistrust; communication difficulties, infidelity, and lack of relational commitment. This separation has hurt us both, individually and collectively. Sistas, we're a communal people and can't find ourselves without embracing our fundamental interdependence for truly as the Akan (African tribe) proverb states, "I am because we are, and because we are, therefore I am." This understanding is in direct contrast with Western/Jungian concept of individualism, wherein the person moves from community (family) to stand apart in order to become fully autonomous. In the African cognizance, while one may move outside the community to perform rituals or rites of passage, one hasn't fully completed these rites til one has returned to and been reincorporated into the community. Do you catch my drift, sistas? If not check this analogy, we're similar to herd animals (i.e. buffalo, bison, fish, elephant, etc.) When we're together we're a whole, elders, young adults and children. When we fragment, the community (herd) crumbles. Why do the European, Spanish and Oriental work together and cooperate as a unit, while we are at constant disarray and competing instead of attempting to uplift ourselves? We're lost, sistas, we truly are and it's sad. We're to blame for the continuance of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, drug addiction and disease in our tribe (community). Where are the leaders, vanguards? It's crazy to say but the most overall conscious/intelligent individuals I've rubbed elbows with have been in these plantations, sistas. These gulags have our future, key to existence confined away. We can't even get an individual, especially our women, who're the BACK BONE, STRENGTH to listen, sistaz. Without strong, influential men and strong, beautiful, intelligent, sexy sistaz as yourselves to cultivate, how do we stay in existence? Extinction is going to be our demise, I see no other way for the African civilization on these shores perishing out by "SELF-IMPOSED" extinction. Every other state has conjugal (sexual) visits; Missouri which was said to be the last state to illegalize slavery doesn't. WHY?! To stop us from populating these shores, to lead us to extinction. To make us interbreed with other races to weaken and make [last line of page cut off].

Our women won't even force these state representatives, mayors, governors and presidents that you elect and fund, to hear your voices, or feel the EMPOWERMENT you have confined within, sistaz. It's a lot that can be done for the benefit of our civilization, if we the oppressed had outside support, we need to "Bridge the Gap". Change only comes through ACTION. No stagnant, unmoving entity is going to prosper, only regress, sista. We need the help of our people, family, WOMEN while confined in these gulags. Situations both can and will change with group support, resistance and force. This is a necessity! Not a selfish want on my part or many others enslaved like myself and millions of others on these wretched shores. Sistaz, we've rehabilitated, changed, conformed, now what?! They refuse to free US! They place bogus charges on us, pump us full of psychotropic poisons just to justify their inhumane tactics. No matter how much they minimize it, a conscious mind sees this from their peripheral a thousand miles away. Sistaz, they can't out-think me! They've won the battle but I'm still in the war. I'm at a stalemate at this very moment. My plans are formulated, my ideas are here, I NEED to make them manifest and implement action. WE need your help, the help of the community, sistaz. We need your communication, holding back thoughts, feelings and ideas or ways we hide from each other. Come out of hiding. UNIFY! For relationships to flourish, we need to learn to communicate openly. Starting with you and me. This isn't a manipulation tactic to get you to become my woman, BUT I am trying to embark upon a journey to gain comradery and communal resistance towards our resentful oppressors. I long to have faith in someone who'll be self sacrificing instead of self serving, yet my memory tends to emphasize that others don't have OUR best interest at heart. We are our own worst enemy, I mean US not the individual sista. Sistas, you need to always think from a communal standpoint, not a selfish one. I basically want you to be for the struggle, MY struggle, YOUR struggle, OUR struggle! That's the only way we'll succeed. Our struggle is for liberation, to overcome oppression, prosper as a nation, cultivate, educate not indoctrinate, to be overall FREE. I've never experienced that and neither have you nor any person on these shores. Just think sistaz, you're repressed, obligated to dress, talk and act and think in a way that's contrary to being what you are; an African, black, negro or whatever your title, AFRICA to your BASE. We as a tribe need to stop waiting for a tragedy to unify us, a funeral, sickness, police killing our children, genocide, etc. Let's stay unified and never fragment. Stay involved in the community and maybe you'll prevent children from growing up ignorant, illiterate and misguided. This process will continue UNLESS we solidify and make ourselves conscious. How do you teach something you know nothing about? You can't, so sistas, educate yourselves, please, for our future generations, I'm begging you. Everything I write in this scribe you've seen, heard or am enduring it as my pen meets paper. What are you going to do about it?! We as a whole stop complaining, talking and simply force, ACTION. Through boycotts, picketing, writing complaints, exercising your voice that has been bestowed upon you. We're strong, we just underestimate ourselves. All I can do is put the idea out there. You have to propagate truth & power and agitate the masses. The internet is a bad mamajama, sistaz, from grade schoolers to grandmaz are out there searching. They all feel the struggle. They all know of the plight. Once the idea is out there, some will grasp it, some will defy it, THAT'S THE ENEMY! I'm talking 'bout uplifting our people, nation, race! I'm talking 'bout preventing extinction! I'm talking 'bout denouncing genocide, announcing criminal resistance, force! Overall employing our power and cooperating, sistaz!

This is the truth, there's no other way to put it. Again, we're our own worst enemy. Identify the real enemy, gain an understanding, and we can do more from there: SUPPORT THE STRUGGLE, SISTA. I love you all, PEACE!

From behind enemy lines, free, Comrade Uhuru Hamzan Din.

To send support or questions write:
Mr. Tracy Greer #1153032
255 10 Hwy. 32
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