July 17, 2011

To All Whom Shall Inherit The Future

by Bobby M. Dixon


To all whom shall inherit the future.
The world is a huge place. Let your minds
become one with understanding. Many things can
occur; and time is bound by no structure. The
Days upon this planet, has caused the growth
of a useful resource called "knowledge".
To seek such knowledge comes with a great
cost. Many have failed in the attempt to obtain
true knowledge. The true knowledge contained
within this planet. My objective to you, is
the comfort of success. If any shall seek
to correspond or further their enlightenment, send
me a message. Please beware of misinterpretation
a long the of success. This letter
has been caused by the "Almighty", this is
also fashioned for the heart. Do not give
more than desired from within the heart.
And always let righteousness be your guide.
(Infinite symbol with two lines through it)

No three strikes for our children
Our children are in the midst of being
mislead, misunderstood, mistreated, and uneducated
With that said, I will address issues that
concern children all across the word, but most
in my great state of Mississippi. As a daughter,
mother, and grandmother, it's time I take a stand
and address issues that we believe in: (1) Injustice
(2) Education (3) Obesity (4) Economy.

We as parents must get involved in our
children's lives daily by communicating with them.
Asking the important questions such as: How's your
day? Who are your friends? Do they go to school?
Who are their parents? Are you in a gang? Are you
or your friends doing drugs? Are you or your friends
bullying anyone or being bullied? Where's your homework?

Ask the questions and demand a straight answer.
Showing your involvement will let your child know that
"I'm here if you need me and I care." Give them hugs
kisses, and words of encouragement to do their very
best at all they do.

I was once told by a ? teacher, Ms.
Jackie Smith, that we as black women in prison,
already have three strikes against us. She looked
around the classroom filled with twenty black
convicted women study for their GED and she said
"you ladies already have three strikes against you/"

These words changed my life forever and for

No one said it would be easy. That's why
we must apply ourselves or ? ask for a helping
hand.'A closed mouth doesn't get fed?

It a friend asks you to participate in any of
the above; perhaps you need new friends or just
say, "if you're really my friend you wouldn't be
asking me to do wrong or offer harmful things to
me that could take my life or jeopardize my future.

It's important to stay focused on school and
surround yourself with positive people whose dreams
are similar to yours. You can join extracurricular
is filled with productive thoughts less time for
you to be idle with useless matters.

Never allow anyone to tell you that doing
whats "right" is wrong. Never feel bad or ashamed
about doing what's "right." Always remember going
right, you will never strike - out.

Become a positive part of your community
by getting involved and giving back. You can do it.
We can do it, one child at a time.

We are screaming all across the world
'No three strikes for our children'
By Jenni Lynn Coleman
native of Columbia, Mississippi

Our Time Is Now by Jenni Lynn Coleman

To our black youth and men of essence
who call themselves men with character
and integrity. I am calling you out to
stand - out to take a stand, to stand for
something. What will your 'something' be?
Whatever it may be allow yourself to ?
power, enhance, and impact someones life.
For the better - good. You can start with
your own children.

Your influence could cause a young man
to want a better life for himself; to feel
like he can achieve and succeed his
dreams and goals. Your time could show
that they are worthy to be with and
around. Your presence alone could speak
volumes to a child who feels unloved,
unworthy or misunderstood.

Your words could make a difference between
life or death for someone who is on the
verge of suicide. You may even impact
some young person, who is looking for
a better way out of their current situation,
and is thinking about quitting school to
sell drugs or live a life of criminal

Star Jones once said something that
we all could use when we are felling
down and out or simply ready
to give - up. This is what she said,"If
you can look up, you can get up
and if you can get up, you can learn
to walk again." That is so true.

It is time for us as a nation of strong
men and women to stand up and take a
stand for what is right. Do not be
afraid of responsibility and challenge. Trouble
does not last always. If you done to
be different you can make a difference.

I still believe it takes a village to help
raise, teach, encourage, inspire and build
our children up - their future outcome
is in our hands. This generation as
well as the next generation to come is
counting and depending on us. Your children
will hold you accountable. If you do
not take the time to show your children
what is right from wrong or how to
carry themselves like young men and women
there are people in this world who will
be willing to show them all the negative
things this world has to offer. Therefore
take a stand in your child's life.

Our youth ages fifteen to thirty has poured
into the prison system; flooding its compounds
like it's a college campus. Something
is wrong with this picture. Black
men, It's your time to change these prison
population percentages by being in your child's
life. The time is now to get involved
in your children's lives. Get connected
and watch your child grow into healthy
and productive young men and women.
Given them a positive lifestyle and behavior
to pass down to their own generations to

Our Time Is Now . . . .
-To start spending quality time with your children
-Respect your child's mother (for your child's sake)
-Be your own child's hero and role model
-Known where you child's where abouts
-Know who they are spending time with
-Do not just send your child to church (go with them)
-Have that man to man talk (Keep it real)
-Go to Parent - Teacher meetings
-Ask how things is going at school, at home,
and with their friends.
By: Jerry Lynn Coleman L2353
374 Stennis lnd. Park Rd.
Dekalb, Nls 39328


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