Sept. 3, 2013

All Eyes On Us To Save Our Youth

by Bobby M. Dixon



From behind the enemy lines of the California State Prison System, from within the "Belly of the Beast" that is the Amerikan Injustice System. I greet you all and call your attention to the commemoration of Black August, and I invite you fellow Prisoners and families throughout Amerika to join us in honoring our beloved martyrs with fasting, studying, and sharing Panther love, and knowledge in the spirit of our falling comrades.

We shed tears for our fallen comrades, and for the masses brutally victimized by the racist, fascist, murdering police. We have a right to cry over our dead, for every life, is precious beyond measure. The loss of each, who has been killed by the oppressor in this land of our exile and enslavement is intolerable. We concentrate this month to those who have been taken from us, but who will never be forgotten for the love of freedom in which their lives were dedicated to.

Our grief is real, and so is our determination to continue the struggle until all are free and the oppression of our people is no more. Our grief and our pain makes more human and stronger because it is based upon love. Our love and determination help the people to struggle on, and bring us closer to liberation. We must stand up as one, a united people determined to win our liberation in this century.

Black August is a month of great significance for Africans throughout the diaspora, but particularly here in the US where it originated. "August", as Mumia Abu Jamal noted, is a month of meaning, of repression and radical resistance, of injustice, and devine justice, of repression and righteous rebellion of individual and collective efforts to free the slaves and break the chains that bind us. The concept of Black August grew out of the need to expose to the masses, the glorious and heroic deeds of those Afrikan women and men who recognized, and against the injustices, helped upon people of color on a daily basis in America.

To clear our minds, I propose that we eat but one meal a day throughout the month of August, and fast completely on the 7th, in honor of Jonathan Jackson, and on August 21st, in honor of George Jackson, and again on August 31st in honor of Hasan Shakur, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Gus Rugley, Alan Bluford, and Travon Martin, and the many young people who were killed by the cops, and gang violence.

In loving memory of El Hajj Malcolm and Ramarley Graham.


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