May 15, 2013

Comment Response

by Marteze Harris (author's profile)
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Comment Response
(April 6, 2013)


Marteze Harris #161543
Waupun Correctional Institution
Post Office Box 351
Waupun, Wisconsin

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Dear KeepLookingUp,
Thank you, again, for your Comment Response and keeping up with my blog. It does feel good to
know that somebody out there is listening. As far as prison life goes, things are back to
normal-or, should I say, "prison normal!":)

The lockdown is over and our privileges have been fully restored, i.e., showers, recreation,
libraty, etc. But things are always different after lockdowns, prisons deaths, or conflicts
between prisoners' and staff. There is, like this grace period that both side takes to
gauge the other side; to see if things are "Prison Cool". Prison Cool, is very diferent from
free world cool-there is always, this invisable gap that stands between "US" and "THEM".
There is this unspoken undestanding that things are this way, as they should be. We are
prisoners' and they are Correctional Officers, neither side truly liking the other side, but
knowing that we "Must" deal with each other. And Wisconsin, prisons are not like other
prisons that you see on T.V., they are extremely safe, with staff having full control. You
won't find that in any other prisoner system in America, or probable the world.

However, by it being a Prison Setting, you can never forget were you are. So, anyway, the
lockdown is gone and things are........................................................!?!?!
There is the potential for much to do, here in prison, if you take advantage of your time
and utilize every aspect of the prison world. There is the ability to stay healthy, with lots
sports, weights and just moving your body. Then you have your mental time, where you read,
write, take a vocational course, a college course and just find somethings to occupy your
mind in a positive way. Then you have the emotional aspects of it. Having somebody in your
corner that loves and supports you. That regardless of all your faults and many mistakes,
this person looks withing you and sees something salvagable. And finally, you have your
spiritual body. There are alot of fakers in here pretending to be saved and sanctified and
living for God, but their actions doesn't fit the talk. For me, it's not about that, it's
just me learning about God and trying to recognize His authority over my life. It is very
hard to step outside of my comfort zone, but I truly want to be a more spiritual person.
However, I will not fake it, for the sake of fitting in.

So, yes, there is the opportunity to get things done here. All, you have is time! :):):)
For me personally, I am very active in sports here. I play handball, basketball, work, write,
exercise and study my paralegal course. But my favorite passtime is reading! I will read
almost anything-right now I am getting my James patterson on. He is one of my favorite
authors. I try to stay as active as I possibly can, because once I start slacking then this
time will knock me down, and that is a no-no.

I am working on my blog for next month, but it is only a(n) outline right now. Hopefully, it
will be ready way before May, 19th, Malcolm X's Birthday. Keep looking for it, it's coming-

Well I have taken up way too much of your time. I hope that you will continue to follow my
blogs and let me know what you think? Until next time........




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