June 30, 2013
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June 3, 2013

Euthanasia, I want to ask you readers about this. A good friend of mine made the tough decision to put her dog down. She loved her dog but the dog had started to become aggressive and started to bite. Reading her letter, it made me sad for her and for her dog. I read an article in the USA Today newspaper a few years ago that this country euthanizes over
4 million dogs per year. That's a lot of dogs and a lot of death. I bring this up because so many states are ending the death penalty. If it's okay to kill 4 million dogs, why not humans? I know people will say because they are just dogs, but they live, they feel, they hurt, they love, just like us. Why can't we stop the death penalty for animals? I can understand sickness or violence when they can't be re-trained but so many animals are killed each year just because the local ASPCA's do not have the room or money to keep them so they are put on a list to die. They could still be puppies and put to death simply because no one wants them. I've had animals my whole life and a dog can truly be your best friend. Anyone reading this, if you can afford to save a dog, go to your local ASPCA, they're in every phone book, look them up online, maybe you'll find that best friend who will greet you every time you come home. Who will show you unconditional love, all you have to do is take care of them. But if you can't afford it or if you don't want a pet, maybe you can afford to give a donation to the ASPCA or a Humane Society. It's not cheap to run these places. When I was president of the Jaycees (Alter Rock Chapter), each year I made sure we held a fund raiser to donate all of our sales to the ASPCA. That money, no matter how small, can help in saving a life. I've seen way too much death in my life. My Justine was such an animal lover. She wouldn't kill a bug. And though she has been gone and buried now for over a decade, I strive to become someone she would have been proud of. She would try to save animals. Maybe your mom needs a dog, or a friend, someone. If 13 or so states say it's not okay to kill human beings anymore then why is it still okay to kill animals simply because no one wants them? The only way to change things we don't like is by speaking up. In prison speaking up can be dangerous. If you speak up in here and piss off too many guards, you will have a hard time. I know guys who have spoken up and they sit in the Hole (solitary confinement 24-7) for years at a time. So sometimes, in here, you just have to deal with it, no matter how bad the conditions get. Prison is no luxury. Believe me when I tell you we are being punished. We don't have any luxuries, we don't get anything for free. Some people think all we do is whatever we want but that's not the case. I am locked in a cell for about 18 hours per day. I watch way too much TV, an overpriced TV that my mother bought. You cannot pick up any free TV channels so you are forced to pay for cable. I have a job that pays me 21 cents per hour. Every day I am without the people who matter most to me. I am not the kid I was when I came here at 21. To think that this is my life forever, it scares me. I've seen so many people die in here, I've seen 2 guys jump off of the top tier head first just because they couldn't handle being here any longer. I don't think prison can rehabilitate but I do believe that it can inspire change. My best friend AJ, he is going on 3 years now of being outta here. He has completely turned his life around and is doing so good, even the men who didn't know him in here are proud of him. Most of us hate to see guys go home and come back. Well, I think I've rambled long enough. I haven't written anything in a little bit, sometimes it's hard to find something to write about that means a lot to me. Prison can be a very boring place. If you have any thoughts, ideas, questions, comments, I'm all ears. Still no word from my daughter. It hurts. I've done everything I can to be in her life. She has a very hard life, especially with a mother who has told the judge she doesn't want her anymore. So being bounced from group homes to foster homes, it's hard for her. I pray for her every day, I do not want her to have a life like mine, but some days it just feels like God isn't listening. And last but not least, happy birthday wishes for Rachel. Rachel is my brother JJ's girlfriend and the mother of beautiful baby Lucy. I don't know where my brother would be if it wasn't for Rachel. Happy birthday, Rach. And finally, the death of a friend. Dave Lutz. Died at 38 years old from lung cancer. At least he got to die at home and not in here. Rest in peace, Dave. I quit smoking October 2006, a 3 pack a day habit, he was only 38, maybe it's time for everyone to quit. Especially my mom and dad. And for all you dads out there, have a happy Father's Day. I love you, Dad, happy Father's Day. The Phillies will turn it around! And my brother JJ, just your 2nd Father's Day and I can see what a great dad you are becoming. Happy Father's Day, little brother. Never give up on what you believe in. Ciao.


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