July 2, 2013
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Hello, my name is:
David Martell Wilson

With these thoughts of positive thinking and strong opinions, I also seek and need a sincere friend. One that I can express thoughts, ideas, dreams and laughs with. I ask may I have the pleasant opportunity to view this world through your lovely eyes. What I present to you shall always be true and pure. Please be open and express yourself to me as I promise to listen to you with my heart.

Please allow me 90 days to prove to you that I'm worthy of your friendship. I will not disappoint you as we explore the positive journey together.

I await a positive reply. Please write me at:
David M. Wilson #200270
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI 53901

Thank you

Real talk and real thoughts from behind the sun:

I, David M. Wilson, present to you a blog of real thoughts, ideas, opinions and insight from a lost man behind the sun.

I am locked up in a Wisconsin prison. I have made many bad choices and mistakes in my life, but I use each and every day to better myself as a man and a productive part of society.

I am not in the world but I'm still of the world and most important I have kids that are a part of this world.

So I will give you my opinion and perspective in a raw (but respectable) form.

First, I would like to speak on the alarming high rate of murders in Chicago and all other urban areas.

I'm from Chicago (South Side Wild Hundreds). I was born, bred and raised in Chi., so I know the mindset. Although I am older (47) and I come from a different time, but I now come from a place of growth and development.

I love my brothers + sisters (black, brown or white) but we are losing and don't even know it. (Not everyone).

The young brothers of the day are lost as they let rappers, drug dealers and the hip hop culture dictate their existence. This street culture has made it fashionable to stay in the "hood" and respect their fellow man. We must start to better ourselves and want more for ourselves. This culture has caused many of us to defer from our needs and dreams as we succumb to our wants.

Why do we kill each other w/out a second thought or care in the world. Is it about money, drugs, territories, disrespect or just because you just don't care about yourselves.

I don't believe this. But I do know that in reality the hood hasn't lied to us, but the people in the hood who perpetuate the "money over everything" mentality. The hood has given us some very clear warning signs that it isn't to be fucked with. Just look around. The hood is a den of iniquity, a damsel of deceit - poverty, liquor stores, drug dealers, drug addicts, gang bangers, pimps, prostitutes, inadequate education, school closings and trigger happy policemen. Like the late, great Marvin Gaye said, Mercy Mercy Me.

But I have not given up on my fellow brothers.

For all the negative that surrounds us there is an abundance of positive.

A lot of our brothers and sisters are smart, thinkers, innovators, hard workers, hustlers and visionaries. We must continue to believe in ourselves, save our money, uplift the community, respect our women, raise our kids, be a voice for justice and positive change. We must become better people today than we were yesterday.

This is my goal and it should be yours also.

We only allow ourselves to be held back when we refuse to move forward.

This has been real talk and real thoughts from behind the sun...

D. Martell

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thebluestar Posted 8 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
Well, well, well, fancy meeting you here David. I was viewing your profile at the WIDOC today to check your status to see if you had been transferred, and up popped your blog. You wrote this on 29th June 2013, was I not enough for you back then? Oh boy, what a fool I have been and am still being. Well Happy birthday my friend, I hope and pray that you find the "precious lady," who you so desperately seek and whose shoes I can not fill.
Good luck, do not contact me again, or ask me to do anything at all for you. Oh, and by the way, perhaps you should consider posting an up to date photo as the one I have with you in prayer mode may get you the sympathy vote.
Annette Donaldson

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