Sept. 4, 2013

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by Eric Wildcat Hall (author's profile)
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(May 29, 2013)


July 30, 2013

Hello, how are you? I hope and pay that my letter finds you and those close to you in the best of health and happy spirits full of strength.

I'm surviving here. Much has changed since my last blog post. Had some x-rays of my ribs. The physician assistant says nothing is wrong. Do I believe him? No, mostly. Because when I turn in bed at night, my ribs get a jolt of pain. When I do a sit-up to swing out of bed, my ribs hurt. When I pull open a door with my left arm, my ribs hurt. When I walk down a slight grade, my ribs hurt.

Makes me wonder how many people in the medical profession financially invested in health insurance companies tell their patients nothing is wrong so the insurance company doesn't have to pay out, and the medical profession's stock dividend isn't compromised as a result of lost profit. There should be a law that bans health care workers from investing in health care related industries so they aren't tempted to compromise their values and Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

So have you gotten your bird feeder yet? Have you had any visitors yet, if so?

Seen in the news that Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. Do you live in Detroit or the suburbs, hometown, or a transplant to Detroit? Is the city making any effort to convert large tracts of property into parks? Has anyone started a NPO to raise private money to buy property and convert that into parkland, plant trees, solar lighting?

Here's an invention idea for you, or more like an innovative idea. Solar panels would act as shade, rain cover, over the tables. Batteries would be inside the benches in a secured manner. There would be construction jobs, future maintenance jobs, vendors, activities, etc.

So what's your media associated field? Journalism, educational, advertisement?

Yah, I get to feel the rain and other weather. The only time we are not outside is if there is lightning, extreme cold, or a tornado warning. Other than that, we have yard out.

Well, I guess I'll be rolling along for now. It's 12:30 AM. Time to get a couple hours of sleep. Take care. Stay strong and be happy. Hope to hear from you soon.



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