July 4, 2014

Dear Friends (6/15/14)

by Eric Wildcat Hall (author's profile)


#BL-5355, UNIT H-A
P.O. BOX 945

JUNE 15, 2014

GREETINGS, I hope and pray that my letter
finds everyone reading this in the best of health and
happy spirits.
I am surviving here am not in the best
of spirits, the PA.DOC (the administration at S.C.I. Albion)
transferred me to the prison I am now at and this
had has had a negative effect on my psyche plus I
was given a misconduct my first day here (planed
no doubt in my mind) and that affected my funds
for 2 1/2 months, but things times are looking up, even
though I've had to begin the whole process over
in my struggle for a religious diet. The PA. DOC has
no defense to justify denying the religious diet once
a lawsuit is submitted, and they know this yet
they persist in denying the religious diet. Right now
I'm just waiting for a answer from Central Office
(PA. DOC Headquarters)to my repetitive request for a
religious diet.
On the up-side of everything I have
been doing some art-painting now that I have
better access to art supplies.
Lot of concrete at this prison was
built 10 yrs ago and was designated Pennsylvanias
new and improved architexture for a super-max
security prison, from my window I see nothing but
has grass and the distant forest can be seen only
bird species I've seen are crows, robins and Black birds
there is some grass hordering the sidewalk on the walk
to the medical building and dinning halls but I
rarely go on that walk, this place is dreary there is
no doubt about that.
After today I have 12 yrs, and
11 months and 29 days to my minimum release date
been locked up continueousely for 27 years now.
Looking back time passes by fast and looking forward
it goes by slowly. It is the same for nature, it
changes so slowly for each generation that what the
youthful generations we see the lose. A world being
destroyed by fire whether it be a forest fire or the
fire of combustion engines, electrical generation
or industry. It is all about fire and the civilization
fire has built. Even war is waged through fire's
application to weapons.
What will the world be like when I get out
of prison (hopefully) in 13 years? I already know.
The trend of fires advance can't be put out its
been burning everything in its path for thousands
of years. The best anyone can do is get their own
little piece of nature and preserve it. Already old
garbage dumps are harvested for methane
gas, in the future the billions of tons of plastic
will be harvested from these dumps as the earth's
oil reserves are depleted. It's a mad, mad world we
live in and everyone is insane.
Well enough of my rant so I guess I'll
be rolling along until next time, if there is a
next time.
May everyone take care, stay strong and
be happy with every little thing they do to
preserve nature.



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bonner.bella Posted 8 years, 8 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Thank you for allowing me to type up your transcript! I too love nature!

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