Aug. 31, 2011

To The People

From Supreme V.L. Inc. by Wesley R. Knight (author's profile)


To The People,

A day passes on. Still, I sit in this cell countin' down the hours to my next meal, because my date still reads 2022. Anger fills me because I realize I let the streets I grew to love trick me out of so much of my life, only to show me there is no love in them and the road most of the time is short-lived.

Now I see, but at a time when my son needs me. But I got to wait on the pigs to feed me. Tell me when to go outside and, if I get mad and speak up, they'll slap me around in cuffs. Some beat you so you can't breathe. Then they feed me the same bags of dry food I fed my dog. I have to suffer because I was quick on the draw and killed someone that was aimmin' to kill me. Then just the other day, a pig was talkin' big because he shot a man in the back and killed only to walk in and out of court a hero, while I stood face-to-face with your men, a gun only to shoot one in his face before he got me, and I walk in the courtroom in cuffs and leave in cuffs with an added 20 an 10. But it's called justice.

Words from the heart of
Da Prince


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