Sept. 14, 2011

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1 Sept. 2011

Matthew Jankowicz

How's it going? Did any of you encounter Hurricane Irene? I hope you all on the east coast are okay. If you have any stories about the hurricane, feel free to make any comments or write me.

We won our first playoff game in my baseball league. We won by 57 points (125-68). I scored 8 points, but 4 points weren't counted because somebody else on my team fowled and received an eight second violation.

I'll like to tell you about the cell I live in. It's a 6'x10' cell. It holds two men, so there are two mental bunks, two metal shelves, one metal table and metal seat, one metal toilet and sink (made together). The walls and floor are concrete and not painted. One small 3'x6" window looks outside and a same size window in my solid metal cell door. I installed five handmade hard cardboard shelves in my cell.

We can own one small 13" TV, one headphone, one hotpot, one container case for storage. Put that in the inner lower bunk. There is an upper bunk right above the lower bunk. I have around 20 hooks on the walls to hang our wet clothes. We mostly do our own laundry either in the sink, toilet, or bucket. Also, I have other things like hats, clothes, coats, etc. We can also own one pair of running shoes, one pair of sunglasses, a couple of runnings shorts, socks, t-shirts, underwear, etc.

All these things plus food can be purchased by each inmate from special person catalogs, and we can buy food and toiletries from the prison canteen. Of course our family and friends have to send money to us for us to buy their things or we would have nothing. They send all the money by or money orders/checks. Jpay is real quick, but they hold onto money orders/checks for thirty days until they give us the money.

That's all for now. Feel free to make any comments or write me. Thanks. :)


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