June 4, 2018

Do We Need To Build More Prisons?

by Matthew Jankowicz (author's profile)


"Do We Need To Build More Prisons?"
"Do We Need to Mix GP with SNY?"

In California we have over 30 prisons holding over 116,000 inmates (probably a lot more than that). Some inmates were sent to other state prisons. Others were sent back to county jails, which are very crowded because they hold them longer there and have them do their sentences there instead of sending them to prison.

We used to have around 175,000 inmates in prison. Even with that reduction, we are hiring more C.O.s than we have had before and the cost of running the current prison employees is going way up. Mainly, I think due to the cost of the new prison employees (C.O.s mostly). They are highly paid, especially with overtime. A C.O. can make over $100,000. A C.O. with 30 years can make $8,200 a month and then retire with $7,100 a month.

To save money, they are cutting back on the amount and variety of food they give inmates, and won't give us new mattresses or pillows, even if your mattress is about 1" thick on a metal (hard) bunk. Which is very rough for the aging population of inmates. A lot more lifers because of the 3-Strikes Law and murder sentences. I have a cellie that got 30 years to life for having on him a small amount of drugs.

Also, the prisons here give you only one soap and one roll of toilet paper each week, and nothing else. We have to buy all our other toiletries and cosmetics. If you have no family and friends to help you, you have nothing. Some inmates are starving in prison.

If you can help me, please send me money (www.jpay.com). I'll deeply appreciate it with all my heart and soul.

Another reason for raising the costs of prisons is the C.O.'s special pay they get when prisoners get violent and have visits. This is increasing a lot right now because the prisons are forcing General Population (mainline, gangs, etc.) to live with SNY (Sensitive Needs Yard), causing riots, murders, stabbings, fights, etc. So C.O.'s get a lot more money.

Let me know what you think.


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