Feb. 2, 2011
by La Ron Philmore (author's profile)


I, LaRon Philmore, have provided Between the Bars with my comment form. And this is the first place I am submitting.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will introduce you to a world that's visited too often. Well, periodically, I will let you into my world. My mind thinks outside the box a lot, but take a journey with me and you'll soon see how I see!

Those words aren't meant to be together in my interpretation of the English language.

Yet they look so in sync with each other side by side. If they are supposed to be together, then whoever said "It was alright" should acknowledge the fact that some took that saying, expression, action, and ran with it. Over-controlling, stand! Sit! Shut up and do as I say! But is saying that you're all right with it, you're better thinking to have stomach "$#@*(!" Sternness, firm direct manipulative commands, to have one feeling childlike. Matter of fact, less of a man.

Over-controlling might blind your insight to see that the controller is no better than he, on the other side of receiving. So that barrier between them can be deceiving. And the achieving you want to acquire is no longer worth completing. 'Cause now you've felt emotions are defeated.

Ponder this! Defeated is a word that only exists when your heart is lacking confidence. Your knee bones connected with thighs, and so forth and so forth. Well, your veins and organs are connected as well. So what makes them all function? Your heart! Get it?

Well, listen! I'll go deeper into this. All of your body parts functions from your heart. So if confidence is pumping from it, then your heart strengthens your mind to say, "Forget!" A person who's over-controlling, I'm in control of my life. Now do you get it?

Right, so! Over-controlling I believe is only coming from weak people.

Now! How can a weak person be stronger than you? When? Guess what? They're not even in control of their life.

That's just my insight on over-controlling!

I swear this was originated by LaRon Philmore GE-2339. I was inspired by SCI-Smithfield's staff. A state correctional camp in Pennsylvania! I am a 26-year-old convict who loves the spoke word. Feedback will determine my next submission. All criticism is welcome. Solitary confinement at SCI Smithfield is just 356 days. I swear under 18 P.A. C.S.A. section 4904. All herein true.

Respectfully submitted,
LaRon Philmore GE-2387


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