Jan. 23, 2014

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by Pablo Piña (author's profile)
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As we know, in all areas of society, we are subject to the rules and laws that govern us. Even though we know there is always a double standard, the flip side of the rule.

When we were introduced to the SHU, we challenged it. Every group and nationality asked why they were being held in solitary if they didn't do anything wrong, broke a rule, assaulted someone, or nothing. Why must we be confined in segregation? And I was told that this was discipline. "You are not here for discipline reason. You are here for administrative reasons only."

Yeah, that sure explained it all. Cleared it right up for me.

What we didn't realize is that years began to pass, and pass, and pass.

Yes, I've heard the comments about the building of SHUs, but it's a business. If one won't build it, be sure someone else will. It's like an executioner who refuses to execute prisoners. Think that will stop anything? They'll just find another one who will. Ethics are like the prison rules. They have others that justify their actions.

Yes, share our conversations with whomever will listen. Hopefully it will start a long-needed discourse about humanity, prisons, and how much imprisonment is really needed. They charge us a restitution fine on top of the prison sentence. This fine is killing me. It prevents me from going to the canteen regularly because I owe the state $1,400. This really messes me up because they expect me to pay it but don't provide me with a means to pay it. I'm in a damn cell all day, every day. How can I possibly work it off?


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