June 26, 2014

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A Baby's Diaper!

Have I ever told you how the scent of a prison smell? it smells like the Intensive Care Unit, where half death creeps and veins halfway are healthy and forgetting to pull life along. It smells like a vomit during a bad stomach virus. It smells like every sick or injured prisoner that made it through the Holocaust.

It sticks in your sinuses because the vents pushes out your neighbor's fresh human feces, scent-piercing your lungs. Like 1,000 throats with halitosis coming through the pores of a person's pigment. It's like ethane but engraved so deepening, the forensic science can't deal with it. So, they just wing it. I wince. I cringe. I flinch> I tornado when it attacks my withing. I drawback so far, but it recoils itself around the inside of my nose hairs, and I can never seem to keep my nose clean. No escaping!

If it was a "truth or dare", the "truth" would put your sensory bulb there, but the "dare" is the major difficult in the air. From the air, a satellite could radar the stained cloud over this prison's air—the aftermath is both "truth" and "dare"... in a baby's diaper. And now my sinuses become infected and discharge bloody pus. But still, I must do my sentence.

However, that smell reminds me of a Dear John letter. Like a "I WILL FOREVER MISS YOU" at a funeral or a wake. Have I ever told you that a prison cell is the closest to HELL?

By Larry W. Johnson (5-30-2014)

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