Nov. 15, 2014
by Scot Pinkerton (author's profile)




What's going on there at that wonderful joint? I love you bro. I sure miss talking to you. These lames here have nothing to say Reck. In a lot of ways I regret getting on that bus. I know it was the best move for me and I wouldn't have done it but you tacked me into it with the spill of I'll be there with you in a year Donnie. You can get that CMC stigma off of you BLAH BLAH BLAH. I miss my dawg and that's not going to change. I mean you were right to make me get on the bus but it don't make it any easier on me. I write mom a lot and I call her a couple of times a month to check in on her. Also to find out what you're saying when you write. The last time me and mom spoke she dropped the hammer on me concerning your status. It blew my mind but they don't call you Reckless for nothing. I'm sure when I.A. had your pad hit you obviously got a bullshit write up. Anyway, at the end of March you will be off of C/C/ and mom will be at the window visit. It has been too long since she has seen you so prepare because she will be there. Why you ended up on C/C, it don't matter. It's about moving on with life.

Lets discuss something positive for a min. Mom told me that a public def. wrote and said you're not eligible under prop. 36. We all knew that and so did Dale. What's col is they so far haven't ruled on your petition. They should give it a denial at the BKS superior level. Look, they at least granted your request for counsel, I didn't even get that. Anyway, I doubt that the judge would have granted you the P.D. if you had no merit in your petition. He would have just denied the petition and waited to see if you appealed it. That's how I look at it anyway. So check out how my petition has went down so far. I filed mine to Stockton first thing. Some punkass judge denied the whole thing. He just checked the denied box and rubber stamped his name. You know damn well his clerk did it. The lame judge never even read it. So at that point I sent you the denial so Dale can hook up the appeal. Since then I filed, to the court, a paper, called Notice of Appeal. The appellate court wrote me back saying I got until Nov. 18th, I believe to file my opening brief of my appeal. That is on the way to you to give to Dale. I need to get on that ASAP. So check it out, then the next day I got more legal mail from the Appellate police. Check out what they said, fill out these forms for appointment of counsel. I'm getting a public def. to handle my appeal, cool huh? I don't trust him or her. I'm waiting on Dale and when he sends me the appeal, I'll send a copy to the public defender and ask him to file that to the Stockton court.

Reck, I really think this petition Dale hooked up has merit. For the 1st time since I've been down I think I may get this court shit granted. Look my brother, I just did 1 yr. + change on that turd tier with you so I know how you feel. It sucks the most but lets concentrate on reading and the law library. Fuck 2014, it's all about having a half ass good 2015. This petition needs to get fully granted in the end and who knows what your life will be like when that happens. I'm going to hopefully get my sentence down to a manageable sentence. Just 25 to life is what I am shooting for Reck. I got 20 in I could see you out there bro. I have been praying to Odin for guidance and Thor for the strength to hang on until the Grey Goose takes you to a place where they will treat you with the respect that these pickle suits owe you bro. We both know that the best thing that can happen now is for you to get to Delano and get a fresh start. Please don't be hard headed and go to seg instead of the bus ride. I know you think that once you make that move the career is over, well it isn't. Prison isn't like it once was. In know the pride of the man you are will most likely make you take seg instead of that move but at least you will be out of CME Reck and you can always come to CMF from there. It's just something for you to think about.

I already told you that I would get points and ask for Delano due to my only family, my niece, lives in Lompoc and it's my only action at visits. I'm your family and I would make that move for us Reck. I know you're saying "shut up dumbass" but you're my dawg Reck.

I do have some good new for you concerning this place. I've looked into the situation of I/M having level 4 points and being here. Do they allow them here from the Grey Goose and once they have level 4, do they shoot them out since this is a 2 and 3? Here's the real deal. This is a medical fac. and it don't matter your level. If you have a med issue and can work it, talk 'em into sending you on the "medical needs of the prisoner", they will take you, they have NO CHOICE. There are disabled and old convicts with mass points but have to be here due to medical. Look, you can always ask next time you go to classification. Just be honest, not that they care, but just get at them and tell them the way it is, you can't go nowhere else but CMF. You have some seizure issues, your age, your thing on your brain, you could have an aneurysm. That's some legit medical shit regardless what punk ass Ghalager says. Basically you can use the I/M in a situation that this committee can easily resolve for me. Fuck SNY, you need CMF and it's a fresh start, you can't program at CMC any longer. They keep you on C/C for years at a time. I really think that you might be able to work an angle that way. It's worth a try Reck. I can't go anywhere due to I've been at CC for years. You guys will ruin me if you SNY me. You have legit seizure issues and other medical problems and CMF is open for intake. You know there's mass beds here. You're in contact with VAC, when they put you back on status did they try and say they are going to send your file back up to CSR? Send that response to mom if you don't feel like writing but don't forget bro.

Your regular annual is March, you can always prepare for VAC on that classification day Say your counselor won't bite it, don't matter. You talk with the Capt./A Warden and make it happen. If they have to take you back to classification in March for your annual, that's when you bring the documentation of your seizures, your brain aneurysm notes, etc. and fuck it bro. Just tell them "Look, i'm nothing but a headache to this prison. I'm the king of C/C status, no staff likes me here, I have medical issues so lets discuss putting me in a shuttle to CMF." You're out of their hair finally and everyone's happy. They might just bite Reck. We both know that classification can do whatever they want to. I would think that you need to come at committee is a way that they are going to want to shoot you to CMF. You and CMC don't work anymore and it isn't going to ever work. I think that if you go to committee that the 'A' warden attends, that's the one that the I/M who want to go to SNY are in front of. Go in front of him and he can call the shots. Fuck it, you're nothing but a problem in their eyes. They don't want you in their single cell program anymore then you want to be there. It's good for all if they send you to CMF.

Think about this for a second Reck. When we went to classification in early March, they put us both up. Look at today's date! And you still never got an endorsement! Obviously Delano/Corcoran that shit isn't happening. They put you up to CSR for transfer almost 8 months ago. If they try it again, most likely the same results. That's another thing you can say to classification. You have been waiting 8 moths for a bus ticket. They can remedy this whole trip for themselves by using your medical needs, age, the facts that no staff on any yard there care for you at all. It would be best for all parties that they consider your request for CMF. They will accept you. It's very close. A van can bring you here. They have brought dudes from medical upstairs in a van straight here.

You may think that i'm just wishing that you were here, that i'm just talking but i'm not Reck and I think it's a real possibility that there's at least 1 staff there that wouldn't mind raising his hand to classification to say that you're nothing but a problem for CMC, that you have medical issues, that staff dislikes you and it would make very good sense for CMC to put you in a shuttle. If it don't work, fuck 'em Reck. I'm real tired of the way that they have been treating you. They think it's funny to see you back on status. It's crazy that your still at that prison with all those 115's. Well anyways, I wanted to run that down to you and see what you think about it.

I know that you have been writing and it's all good. I think if I was in your shoes right now I would be beggin to get endorsed to anywhere, just to get out of that dump, that's most likely where your head is at. If this letter helps you at all then I am glad. I haven't been writing or posting anything on your blog. I'm trying to keep mail floating your way bro. There is no sense in discussing what i'm up to, you know exactly what i'm doing. Is Fuz Bucket acting right? That big ass dummy best be acting right. Reck, I have a friend here who looks out for me real good. He's a good old man, you would like him. He's an old lifer who done a lot of time in the shu. He's now old and retired at CMF. Retirement Central. Come on CMC, let my dawg retire in peace, ya know. It's time for you to get a break. It's gotten ridiculous and the stress is making you old bro. If we can't get you here then you need to get somewhere and i'll try and catch up with you. I think it's best I stay and wait on you. "You're Good", you can work out a bus/van ride here if anyone can. I know this, i'm coming up with ideas to get you here. What are you thinking bro?

This is page 4 now, front & back. Mom laughs at me, I think due to the things I say in these letters to you. She knows that all these years living in cages have made me a madman. I'm not sure but our blogs only accept so many pages at a time (7) when you post shit. I believe it takes a while to get my long ones posted. Sometime mom takes my letters and types them up for you. You probably can't read them, not to mention the spelling errors. Scot, your mother is so helpful. She is very patient with me. I think sometimes these long ass letters I write you take up a lot of her day. I told her to just put 'em in an envelope, address them to your blog and throw a stamp on it. That's better than retyping it all, especially when they are long ass books for you. I do a pretty good job at writing long letters for you. I only write my bro, your mom, and my blog. No one else that I know are deserving of a letter from me Reck. It takes a lot of time out of my day to sit back and write.

Oh, on another note, I went from being assigned to the main kitchen 2:30 am til 7:00 am and some change sometimes to the butcher shop. Hours 0745/1100 - 1130/1515, so basically from 7:45 am until 2:00 pm and all I can take out is a state lunch :( I make 11 cents per hr., what a joke and if I make Boss, it's 18 cents per. It would take me 3 months to make enough for toothpaste, shampoo-conditioner, crazy huh! The pay bites, the hours take morning and afternoon yard away from me, so now they took away my morning workouts. Reck i'm mad about about it and haven't worked in a week.

I was told by a kitchen free staff cook that the kitchen needs a white cook, 32 cents per hr. I took the job but now that I haven't went back to that damn butcher shop, he is talking he don't want to her me. Now i'm pissed and may have screwed myself out of a kitchen spot. So shit happens. Monday morning, after I go eat breakfast, i'll go to work and work all this out. The bottom line is this, someday's I am sick so on those days i'm just not working period. I get no good time/work time credits so i'll quit anytime I want.

Oh, here's some good news. I got my package yesterday, paid my small bills and i'm doing well right now. WOW, what a boring letter, KILL ME!

Today is Saturday 4:50 and when count clears I have to go to medical and I don't know why. I hate prison so much. I got the 2 promo items every package now. I got 2 different kinds of bags of M & M's, that is $10. Then I got Chips Ahoy cookies ($5) and some chewy Oreo cookies ($5), s that's $10 more dollars. That's $20 worth of cookies/M & M's, cool fool. I get to double up on he free items because I only shop with access. My package was $120.14 "27 pounds". So I did good this time. My bro has not been tripped on how much $ I spend on packages. I'll still stay under $120 ya know. I'm single cell with 27 pounds hanging from my vent. A gang of shit and loving it.

Well bro, count clears around here like clock work. I guess i'll end this now. Reck, take your time but let me know what your plan is. I think you can still get put here, you just need to find the right person who will get you transferred to VAC. Take care of yourself. I love you bro.


P.S. I have some boots/Doc's for you in my locker. They are so close to real Doc's you wouldn't believe it. They are here for you when you get here Reck.


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BostonRocks Posted 8 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post. Wow Donnie, that was a long one! lol Hope you and Reck finally get together! Seems like a long time coming!

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