Dec. 1, 2014

The Little Butterfly

From Prometheus Writes! by Nathaniel Lindell (author's profile)


Type: Short Story
Topic: Children's Story

The Little Butterfly
by Nate. A. Lindell, created 26 Oct. 2014

Once there was a little butterfly that hatched.
He had beautifully colored wings.
Although he world around the beautiful butterfly was bright and cheerful sometimes, sometimes it became dark and mean.

The little butterfly happily flew, as best as he could, even when the world became dark and mean, searching for other little butterflies to play with.

One day a dog saw the beautiful little butterfly and tried to catch it. The dog nipped at the little butterfly's wing, breaking off a part of the fragile, beautifully colored wing.

But the little butterfly kept flying, as happily as ever, searching for other little butterflies to be friends with.

The next day a hungry bird flew down and tried to catch the little butterfly. The bird bit off another colorful part of the little butterfly's wing, but the little butterfly escaped.

This time the little butterfly was scared. It hid until the bird left. Then the little butterfly flew on, hoping to find other little butterflies he could play with.

A bad storm came.

Some of the heavy raindrops hit the little butterfly, knocking off some of the tiny scales on the little butterfly's wings that gave the wings their amazing colors.

The little butterfly no longer looked beautiful.

But the little butterfly kept flying, hoping to find some other little butterflies he could play with.'

Finally, the little butterfly found a large group of other little butterflies, sitting around a puddle, drinking water, and fanning their wings.

The little butterfly looked at his damaged wings, that were no longer beautiful. The other little butterflies looked so beautiful - he felt ashamed that he wasn't beautiful. He became sad and turned to fly away.

Another little butterfly saw the little butterfly flying away. She rose and flew after him.

When she caught up with the little butterfly, she asked him, "Why are you flying away instead of landing and playing with us?"

The little butterfly was so ashamed, he didn't even look at her when her replied, "Because you're all so beautiful, and I-I'm not."

The other little butterfly looked him over, then said, "Look, a piece of my wing was torn by a curious child, and my colors are plain. If you looked close at each of the other butterflies down there, you'd find that most of them have been damaged too. Just because you're damaged doesn't mean we can't have friends and have fun."

The little butterfly thought about what she said, then smiled and flew with her back to the gathering of other little butterflies. He was happy and surprised at how warmly the other little butterflies welcomed him, some of whom were missing parts of their wings, a leg or two, or were rather plain looking.

The little butterfly became best friends with the other little butterfly who called him back, and made a point of warmly welcoming other little butterflies who were shy about joining the group.

And, after a while, the little butterfly's wings healed and he became one of the most beautiful butterflies in the group.

The End.


1) What do you think the main character, the little butterfly, felt about his life at the beginning of the story? Was he sad, hopeful, angry, scared or what?

2) How did the little butterfly's attitude towards life and his mood change throughout the story and why did it change?

3) How might the little butterfly's view towards life at the beginning of the story have been different if the world around him was always dark and mean and never bright and cheerful?

4) How might the little butterfly's attitude have been different if the other little butterfly had not flown after him and invited him to play with the other little butterflies?

***Anyone may republish, perform or broadcast this work, AS LONG AS THEY CLEARLY NAME THE AUTHOR AND PROVIDE THE URLS FOR THIS BLOG, so that any audience may read the original version.


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Roxy Posted 7 years, 10 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
I did read it to them and two other people. Wasn't sure where you felt comfortable with me posting it. I make a lot of people uncomfortable. There will definitely be some uncomfortable people at Coleman (yes, I do know you are there still) if you let me visit you. I guess you will have to just wonder why and then find out, again, only if you want to. I wouldn't want to force myself on you or I have risen and will fly after you but I am not Jesus, obviously. The symbolism in this is amazing but you always did amaze me and that won't change no matter what you do. I will just be increasingly amazed. Nothing plain though about you and everything about you is beautiful to me. Damaged but still a warrior. A wounded warrior but still the bravest one I know.That is also a name you have in a couple of places and you didn't even know. I have lots of names and one of them was "Cinnamon" but I don't know if I said that or...

BostonRocks Posted 7 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 9 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Roxy Posted 7 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 7 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
Hey. I'm just posting this so you can see it. I'm trying to save myself and it seems like most other people on some level actually hope I don't live. It is 4:15 AM and I can't sleep and I have had a sinus infection for 3 weeks. I told them it was a sinus infection at the ER. They did a chest x-ray and cleared me of the flu and pneumonia. they swabbed by nose too so based on that they should have known it is a sinus infection.I knew it was and still do because of how long I have had it but also because no one else is getting it and because of the combination of symptoms. Mucus from your nose is clear when it is viral, as they told me it is a virus in the ER. Then I went to my neurologist who I have more respect for than any asshole at Holmes Regional Medical Center, and he said that it was a sinus infection himself. He didn't give me antibiotics either. His name is Richard Unger. The PA from the ER is Ryan and he was working on Christmas under Dr Brian Oliveira's license as an MD. My husband fell asleep even when I told him repeatedly that this is very serious. He is sleeping now and I'm coughing so hard and can't breathe. I told him that I will not go to the ER anymore. If they wanted to help me than they should have done it already. They have helped but didn't that night. They thought I was satisfied with my treatment but it is not that. The paramedic was awesome. Other hippy, older guy knew me and was cool. Ryan reacted to what some other young guy who was a medical assistant thought. The whole thing is BS. It was not about the sinus infection ever. It is that collectively these doctors are making it hard for me to survive. I'm trying to but am drowning. I'm only telling you here because you would care and would do something if they truly messed up worse than they have. I will help myself and have to every day to survive. No one helps me but almost all of them make it harder on me. You don't.Crazy though. I'm tired and I'm just going to lay down. Talk to you soon hopefully.

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