May 4, 2016

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by Mischelle Wilburn (author's profile)
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Rdc 9
Thank-you so much for responding!
Iv'e sent another picture of me and Brodie. (smile)
Even though I left him in the dog dorm with another handler I still see him everyday. I can still work with him and train with him. I have 3 more months left in the drug dorm. and I will be back in the dog dorm until my release. I still work out everyday and I am staying positive. I have no time for negative in my life.
I just received my replies tonite. I was so happy that someone even acknowleged my blog! Thank-you so much for the awesome comments about Brodie and myself.
I was totally excited to hear my name at mail call.
Anyhoo, nothing much is really going on, I am leaning a lot about myself and the trauma that I have experienced in my past. Why I act the way I do and how it has affected me in so many ways. I want to do all I can to help me be a better person. I know it may seem unfair that Ive done fourteen years and now ive got to do a drug treatment program for 6 months.
I looked at this as well, im about to go into the freeworld this is my last step until I'm free. for the past fourteen years that I have been incarcerated all I have done is go to school go to vocational classes work out and train dogs. when I came to the drug program I cried for at least 2 weeks.
my first womens trauma group that I went to I was asked what type of a person was I? what did I think of myself?
Honestly, I wouldn't answer that I had no clue as to what type of a person I was. now 3 months later I can honestly say I am a awesome, loyla, dependable woman. im a straight shooter, hard working reliable person. Today I feel good about myself!
so by the time this is posted ill have 7 months left. hope to hear from someone. be good.
mischelle wilburn L11750
F27 Lower 6CF
6044 Greensboro Hwy
Quincy, Florida 32351


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