Sept. 13, 2015
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27 July 2015 "From both sides now"
Assalamualaikum, kako si? Dubro A vi? Greetings!
I have finally been released from segregation after 540 days on 15 July 2015, only because of the Tecumseh Prison uprising. For which they need space, the Tecumseh prison riot involved two sex offenders killed by the hand of other inmates and how much of that due to a sheet rock wall burnt and torn down shattered windows. Fire setting mattress ablaze. "The best day ever" was the theme of that day. Because for those inmates as good as it may have felt to buck the system, this sort of uprising was useless, because there was not bottom line or demands. All of it ended up putting the prison on more restrictions than it was before. We now have to wear "state clothing" to visits instead of blue jeans and gym shoes, oh we had it good. Prison officials removed the iron and ironing board. The outgoing mail is slow as the incoming mail, we are not fed brown bags lunches for breakfast and lunch. No more dayroom, yard or religious services.
This was a lot cause led by impulse and emotions, but based on this I was released from segregation. I am now back, hope my blog is still up. I appreciate the cards from my Islam sister in Bosnia, also from Kuala Lumpar Malaysia. I was unable to write back but your greeting well well received.
Jahson Atiba Alemu
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