May 11, 2016

Love Is A Living Experience

by Rechell Williams (author's profile)



Love Is A Living Experience

Love is our finest human grace. It is unconditional by expectation, neediness, or the desire to change, control, or rescue anyone. Love lets go and never clings nor controls. It takes nothing away from us; it multiplies when we share it.

Whatever is true about love is true about each of us. Love and we are just one miracle. Our very identity is unconditional love. It is not something to be acheived. It is what we always were and already are. It is experienced uniquely and differently by each of us.

Each choice in life supports or denies this one penetrating fact. Each risk is a challenge to love more. Everything that happens in and through us is about this love; how we see it, how we show it.

In a very real way, we are who we are because of the love others have shown us. Our very adult asset began as a gift from someone who loved us as we were and thereby encourage our unique self-emergence. Our origin was in this living dialogue of love. We are still alive because of love.

Love is all that can satisfy the mute irrepressible longing a prisoner carries inside. Our life will always feel strangely deficient until unconditional love happens. Only then do we realize what had been missing all along. Only then do deserts bloom.

The more we advance on our spiritual path, the more we appreciate that everything good, everything beautiful, everything life affirming —even the pain of incarnation— is actually love. This is why love is such a unique mystery. We actually contain and channel a power that is greater than ourselves.

What makes us human beings so wonderful in this puzzling universe is that we never give up on love. Against all odds, with no guarantee of being loved in return, out of hate and hurt so often handed to prisoners, in the face of all the meaningless suffering history has let us see, we go on loving. We make a door of every gaping hole.

What deep respect we deserve for this capacity of ours to take what fate chooses for us and to make a choice of love in return!


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