May 28, 2016

A Woman's Individual Beauty

by Rechell Williams (author's profile)


A Woman's Individual Beauty

A woman's beauty is unique to her individuality. Each woman exudes all the different characteristics that our Creator shaped and formed them with.

Everything about your individual beauty is as it should be. God does not make mistakes. He is perfect and everything He created is perfect. Therefore every woman He shaped and formed was sculpted to His perfection.

Your hair is silky, whether straight or curly. Your lips are full. Your eyes speak with just with a look. Your skin is shiny, smooth, and radiant... very soft to the touch. Your voice is succulent and sensual when spoken. Your body formation is curvaceous, whether thin, think, tall or short. This is what I see when I see you.

A woman's commitment to herself, for herself, is to jazz up her assets, not surgically alter them. Me, being a man who highly admires all women's individual beauty, am attracted to her mind, spirit, and soul. Her body is a bonus!

Always be true to yourselves, ladies. Never alter your individual beauty to please the next person or follow the way of society's standards. Love who you are and you will find someone who loves you more than you do. Be comfortable in your own skin because your individual beauty is one of a kind.

The law of attraction asserts that, on a vibrational level, like attracts like. Your energy vibration is composed of your thoughts and feelings, creating a resonance that forms a unique imprint of you.

Your imprint, or resonance, draws it to people, events, and experiences that match your vibration. That is why each woman's individual beauty has a certain vibe that only certain people can feel. Your individual beauty is unique to who you are. Flaunt your uniqueness! :)

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