June 2, 2016

All-Star Is This Real

by Adrian E. Budd (author's profile)


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Is this Real


Ladies and Gentlemen Hello again after so long. But I had to set back at you with some blues called views in the inside reaching out with the same title. Is this real.

1.) I was sent to a medical unit for a stress test to monitor my heart rate. I kept the monitor on 24 hours which the only medical personnel I spoke with was nurse who put the monitor on me. Afterwards an officer removed the monitor on me and said medical staff went home. If I'm lucky I will get results in the mail in 60 to 90 days. Is this real?
2.) I was on snacks because of rapid weight loss called hyper-caloric or HC or HY snacks. I weighted 180 pounds arriving at this unit in February 2016 which I was took off these snacks.

Since then I've lost 26 pounds but medical staff told me there's nothing to worry about unless I lose anymore weight. Is this real? Listen to this.
3.) I saw on WCWs story where a drunk man ran a red light. 2 police officers after the drunk pulled over and one officer asked for ID, registration, insurance etc. The drunk was complying, reaching for his paperwork in glove dept which the officer said freeze. Fearing the drunk was then reaching for a weapon and emptied his gun killing the drunk. Then being pronounced D.O.A. the officers partner asked him was he alright. As if he was the one shot? Is this real? I see and hear a lot happening in the US and so much is true. But I try to get my audience make their own opinion on the subjects to maybe dictate how they treat each other in future situations or form situation directly or indirectly. More late. All-star.Inc.


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