Sept. 16, 2017

Coddling Corruption

by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark Jr
Sept 10, 2017

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I really don't understand why the Fla. Dept. of Corrections coddles dirty unethical staff, but it sure seems to be their practice. And personally I'm fed up with it. I had to leave Florida State Prison (FSP) due to the fact that FDOC secretary Julie Jones placed Warden Barry v. Reddish over there. Please google him and you'll see the abuse that was taking place here at Union Correctional Institution (UCI) under his care in 2009-12 which ended in Sept 2012 after inmate Frank Smith was beat to death by Warden Reddish's staff. And 5 years later this murder is still unsolved, google it. Instead of firing him, they place Mr. Reddish in a sweet cushy job at Lawty C.I. a Christian Camp. And 5 years later Mrs. Julie Jones promotes him to F.S.P. Warden placing him back in charge of the same type of inmates that he was abusing here at UCI in 2012.
I have come to forgive him, for what he done to me, but I haven't forgotten. And I do believe, that God has given me this gift, to speak out for those who can't, or won't speak out for themselves. A lot of men fear retaliation. People often tell me, either your brave, or crazy. Well its probably the latter of the two. It's very stressful, when your in the hands (care custody and control as the FDOC puts it) of your enemy. That's exactly what motivated this blog post here. Sgt. Blue's appearance on this wing this morning.
see in 2015 I accused him of selling us death row inmates recreation. And jeopardizing the security of this institution by sleeping on the recreation yard. Not only was I willing to back it up with a lie detector test. I told them how to catch him sleeping, sit across the street with a pair of binoculars. This man was jeopardizing public safety. Sleeping, while 30 plus death row inmates were unsupervised out on the rec yard! "SECURITY BREACH!!!" And the reason this got started, was because I was fighting for three recreation periods a week, because we were not receiving our full 6 hours a week. So I wrote a letter to Assistant Warden Rossiter trying to make some changes. Some how Sgt. Blue our rec sgt. gets a hold of this letter and bam, starts retaliating. In February 2015, a bunch of us inmates are on the yard, when it starts to rain the wind is blowing 15, 20 mph the temperature drops, we start asking to come back in, Sgt. Blue refuses, stating to the other inmates, "we're going to make sure Ronald Clark gets his full three hours" He tortures us, we were soak and wet cold standing in the far corner shivering trying to get out of the wind. There's a grievance in my FDOC file over this.
For two more months I put up with harassment then sexual innuendos started. I was writing letters filing complaints which eventually got me transferred on May 4, 2015 over to F.S.P.
Deja vu, here we are again, except now Sgt. Blue is the Administrative Sgt. of P-Dorm death row housing.
Think about the carelessness of security. On Sunday Aug 13, 2017 when returning from visitation at 2:30pm. I walked right past him, as another Sgt. was escorting me back to my cell. He didn't wake up until the electronic door buzzed to let us on 4-wing. Tax payers paying this man, to sleep on duty while getting over time. That's not the carelessness I was going to speak on. No - It's sticking a man in this building for 7,8,9 years allowing him to develop relationships with inmates. I'm not going to snitch on the inmates that are paying him. That ain't happening. But I'm exposing him because he's trying to use inmates to jump on me because I'm trying to better the conditions. And I'm not going to stand for that. I've tried then in 2015 and now to get a lie detector test to support these facts I'm giving you here. If your reading this, then you should be outraged, because what has, and continues to take place in here, puts your lives and wellbeing in jeopardy, and I think you, the public should demand an investigation. Make them bring a lie detector Inspector up here, and make Sgt. Blue take it along with myself. Cause this isn't some joke! We're talking the "SECURITY" of death row housing.
What you as a tax payer should also call for is the Florida Legislature to put forth a bill calling for F.D.O.C. staff to submit to annual lie detector test and body cameras. Cause that's the only way to weed out the corruption in the FDOC. Imagine having to respond to the following questions.
1) Have you followed 33-208,002 rules of conduct?
2) Have you ever introduced contraband into any prison facility. Phones, drugs, etc, etc?
3) Have you ever accepted bribes or any type of payment from an inmate, his/her family or friends?
4) Have you ever physically or mentally abused an inmate; while they were under your care, custody and control?
5) Have you ever witnesses another staff member abuse an inmate? or violate 33-Florida Admin Codes, and if so did you report that incident?

People talk about changing the F.D.O.C well getting a lie detector Bill passed, would undoubtedly bring about the changes we need. It'll stop all this unlawful corruption that goes on inside these prisons. If you're reading this and you really care about your own safety of your family, then you need to contact your local senator and House Representative and demand them to put forth this Bill. People in Banks are required to take lie detector test. Police officers are required to take lie detector test. These officers in here are the last line of defense for protecting you from an escaped inmate. And when you have officers bringing in cell-phones, handcuff keys drugs and other contraband, they are putting your life in danger, no two ways around is! This Bill for mandatory annual lie detector test, would "guarantee your safety."
It's time we stop, the coddling of corrupt FDOC staff. And ensure, that only ethical, law abiding individuals, are working for you, the tax-payer. The time for change is here and now. Please contact your senator or House Rep. and demand that this Bill be put forth in the 2018 session. We have a problem, this is the solution. May God bless you.

Ronald W. Clark Jr.


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