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83.35 B
Exam 1 HSER 300 9/18/17 Fall 2017 - Teresa Duran, MS
Name Goehler Whispers

A. Multiple choice - circle the best answer based on the text
1X. What is social care?
(a.) Helping others help themselves b. providing clients with solutions c. Assisting those who can't care for themselves

2. Why is the client's environment important?
(a.) Because it is best for the client (b.) Because clients are impacted by culture (c.) all of the above

3. What does the text mean when it refers to interdisciplinary nature?
a. There are several parts (b.) There are varies academic sciences involved c. There are different ways to discipline clients

4. What is a Human Services Network?
a. Two services deliveries (b.) a complex web of helping agencies c. A new electronic system of Delivering services

5X. What is not a role of human service professionals?
a. Generalist (b.) advocate c. problem solver d. educator

6. What is case management and how is it used?
(a.) A service delivery, working with several agencies b. A way to control services using the least cost
c. Have 1 central focus in each provider agency d. Allowing the client to drive service requests

7. What is self-sufficiency?
a. Ability to self care b. ability to financially care for ones family c. solve problems (d.) all of these

8. Why are theories used?
a. To help describe conditions b. A way to explain behaviors c. A way to prepare people (d.) A & B

9. Linden Johnson and John F Kennedy did what to help Human Services?
(a.) Passed Social Security act & research for root causes b. Decreased funding for services
c. Wrote the affluent Society d. all of these

10. What was Not an impact of proposition 13.
a. Decreased mental health services b. Mentally ill in prison (c.) Increased funding for youth

11. What are wrap around services?
a. Services that are 24 hours b. services that are addressing various needs (c.) meeting all the clients needs

12. How is technology impacting Human Services clients directly?
a. Providing access b. Providing privacy c. Providing variety of care (d.) all of these

13. How has aging impacted Human Services in the United States?
a. Aging require different services b. Hospice c. New skills (d.) A & B

14. What does the text mean when it refers to the whole person?
a. A person who is over 18 b. all aspects of a person's personality (c.) Mind, body, soul & environment

15. How has the workplace changed and what impact has it had on Human Services?
a. Provide more insurance (b.) Provided on the spot programs and services c. ignored the problem

16X. What was the Elizabethan Poor Law?
(a.) A way to help poor people b. a form of family welfare c. a & b d. A way to control cost

B. In your own words

17. Why are evidence based practices used in Human Services? How are they implemented? What are their benefits and short comings?
Particular services for particular needs is efficient method of handling rehab needs. Although it is the most economical as well, so it serves the most with the least.

18X. Compare and contrast Human Services delivery methods past to present.
Past institutions / Asylums / etc. To modern community based methods, post warehoused, present rehab

19X. What is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and when was it enacted and what does it do?
2010 Obama Care socialist agenda in pocket with Insurance PACs?
Obama Care insured all citizens have medical coverage - except them who will suffer greater tax for not complying.

20X. What are some of the barriers for clients and providers in rural areas? How can they be addressed?
Out in the boondocks services are difficult to secure. Clients are more independent neighbours are more nosey, etc. Technology may resolve these problems.

21X. What is an Ethical Standard? Why is it important in Human Services?
Professional conduct with co-workers AND clients, confidentiality, etc.

22X. How was mental illness perceived in the past and now?
Past demons! Present injury / disease.

23. Describe two different social philosophies of the 19th century and their characteristics
Social Darwinism


24X. Be able to compare and contrast early methods of treatment compared to current treatment.
Past warehouse/current re-habilitate


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