Jan. 10, 2018
by William Goehler (author's profile)



to see if it can manage without me being responsible for every element of its existence and survival. 1315> Look at it as it is already WIN! Voo is revived with the tech which makes his joy of interaction all the more joyful. Seeing every problem people have as an opportunity to demo knowingness. The helpful B has validated helping purpose with correct tech, like a scientist bypassing the ego circuit, help us in applying correct tech. I see these two, in less than a month, take their newfound discoveries and enthusiastically awaken other theaters to the possibility of BEing beautiful. HB was mired in the unjustness of power that be all out of his comfort zone when he looked into Sen. and began taking copious notes trailing his cognition one after another and recognizing how the tech is applied to everyday life in every situation. These three I've watched -- HB for months rise in tone and ability...and even Art has become more aware of responsibility level since seeing the validity and value of the SPO, from M3ing MUs to auditing. MU stupidities from here on out, and perhaps these three will be able to confront SPs to est SPO type entities elsewhere as a continuum as I've been able to do here since I rescued me from my irresponsible glee of insanity > acknowledging my mad bull elephant existence and answering my enigmatic catharsis query: What would a Noble Man do". A noble man succeeds in causing effects toward bettering conditions and environments. Noblesse Oblige, indeed. I am so grateful to see our founder SPO taking root, even as I'm threatened with manipulating staff to secure our existence -- and even as I rile the muslims during low blood sugar Ramadan, in order to est uniform access to the chapel policy...I'm blessed! Riding the waves of plus randomity endeavoring to overwhelm status quo has been affective in our ambitious continuum of an Actual Cycle of Action. Create, create, create -- even higher ambitions to better cord + envisions utilizing LRM tech.

0600> Walking with VU last night speaking tech as always. Demo'd light objective process with lowtone introvert not quite up to boredom...permits understanding of purpose (to extrovert) without quite achieving experiential cognition. Later display of passive aggressive dominance homo gome to bring up out of apathy -- to fear P: "Is that ethical"? -- 'tis natures way in exchange -- influence by Tone Scale (corresponding by gradient). VU enlisted Sgt. to secure Ben supervision? We shall see if effort to solve problem bears fruit...yet even if Sgt. fails, VU applied effort and above all--assumed responsibility to remedy a problem preemptively style! Let's see if he is able to not follow through on the intent to get our TR-O exercise complete -- in chapel? B developing relationship with Jn. chapel clerk...altering me he has secured cooperation for our next DMS -- wherein I explained my prior history with clerk/Mohamad failures and informed B our DMS is secure for next 4-wk via Max. 'Tis an overwhelm game dude! Every resistance is met by me with greater resist serving to solve the problem and hold to account. 2015 The fire is lit =:) Awesome! VU has high ARCU with CCM preempt w/ processes. We enjoyed TR-O demo cognitions he took right into LTA6's :) to demo -- mending relationships in chapel as is B -- who I reminded b/c persona isn't license to direct as General. My strategies are longterm win requiring politician b/c here while I follow through with Admin. Called R ack. Mail delay and concern re Crimenin/VM contest. Will develop a poll to provide R w/ data -- and then ignite national campaign to overwhelm Crimenin into submission justifying SPO-VM mission.

0650 SAD (EFFECT) as it is...its time I blow and make a clean break

1835 CRIMUNON POLL printed/copy quire and collect data this weekend. Draft national Crimunon campaign. reunite SPO strategy before Monday Then begin Phoenix piece.

2130> Phone call R "let's shoot strait" -- trying to cause me to blow? ARC Breaks blkdn.? Am I trusted to stir up just enough randomity in Actual Cycle of Action? If you have confidence -- then I'm stepping away from our SPO grp here to pursue battle plans -- all the while overseeing BUsh + Ju leadership-direction of grp.

0615> pacing meditation...watching potential scenarios from Associate Warden Davis re form 20 chaplain bus. All in all. I'm determined to shine lite on my personal form 22 18ma history and rather expose the general disparity between religious grps across/mismanagement sans structure -- relinquishing authority to E/M + c/o in absence. *Do not allow AW Davis to bull bait off issue at ban and make this personal! This ∞ legal arena = dispassionate FACTS relevant to case at ban ONLY! On Guard.

0700 In the INDEX of A HISTORY OF MAN, why - pray tell - is there no "X"'s listed, to address Xenu?!
R ∴ Do you have a clew why you're sending (sent?) the Confederate War tome? More european blood on the NEW WORLD ground ever recorded anywhere -- ever! Both sides of this "Civil" War were mad General at West Point -- TOGETHER! Fellow Students waging WAR -- against each other?!!! To unleash Ɵ forces/occupy Ɵ universe on this new land -- est. assets on the unseen plane where Happy Hunting Ground forces have Ɵ + φ investment.

062815/0530 T β(-TREE-)L Lynne STRATEGIC ADMIN. SCALE
0630> I "seen" the above Ɵ universe inheritance when contemplating running head-first full-speed into chapeldom -- and finding myself extraverted...and stuck in the chapel as "the Watcher" inflowing everyone's Stupidity -- unable as yet to outflow illumination "WAKE UP!" Wouldn't that be Hell? My final lesson -- to see occluded humans projecting their own reflections -- seeing only what they want to see.

1800> All day w/ SPO - copy STRATEGY ADMIN SCALE copies to VU, HB, β -- vet VU demo > kite to β b/c Orchestra Symphony of Ability. No Supervision for BEN yet. Check w/ Lt./Sgt. tomorrow. Call April 6420

Awoke assessing PT situation w/ Muslim torpedo's (Bookie?) riled by Imams May 20 Memo "chapels are no longer accessible to unsupervised 4m's re Ramadan. These A=A=A idiots will certainly attribute to my Antagonistic contests for equal access. Then, considerations are prudent re A. W. Davis impending interview concerning my form 72 chapel supervision. Don't BE bullbaited off topic! Take 3rd Party to task! SP creates problems/Merchant of Chaos! Imam no longer permitted to flood kitchen budget w/in authentic Jewish diet cards. Notice the contention Muslims display at face in prayer on yard in large groups every day. Chapel dominant Muslim strongholds delighting "responsibility" to b/w clerks. Form 22 trail of discouragement for Relig. grp access 1111? morning orchestrations ? Sgt.'s alert Visiting Scniet. approved :) Two alerts to April...finally learn at 1100 Ben has plans elsewhere. Good exercise for others. I watch Responsibility + Ability, never the does. Chap. clerk on stand by holiday pattern waiting on Imam is obvious strategy to amend last week's violent outburst. Therefor β and Vu will "take it from here" and maintain our grp. SelfDef. -- wherein I "stand down". Otherwise, Imam's favoritism will be confronted on paper! Today is the day he determines the future -- as he obviously intended anyway.

1620 Anti climate confront. Guys in grp. Mahamad in office --- okay then...Supervision then! Next week Ben came rely on Mahamad presence? Okay?? "We'll see", he said. Ambiguous piece of SP sh-t!

063015/0430 TB+B 18 pg. form 22'
0640> Two hours ruminating upon all the "Obrosis". 1135> I all too often awake to the Games of Freedoms: SP Chaplain moves to counter effort moves...threat of Admin. attention in my Freedom Games ON BEHALF OF GENERAL POPULATION of slaves (Robots)...my wistle-blowing to tax payers via Media? re Female Hormone Therapy for their sons in prison run by Psych. industry...malnutritious diet. Psych. industry perqs promoting manipulation...Religious Freedoms between groups here in etc. ad naseaum! I pulled up to Willie this morning following b-fast and asked for Sage Advice from his experience pertaining to "grp". > where's the legacy from all your effort "I asked. "Keep focus on what you are intending to do" was his advice. Indeed I said -- I intend to make Scn. available (I did!). I intend to promote opportunity for Scn. to enter into the Game of Rehab. (I have.) -- so now as I'm confident that is en-motion, I look at other battles I can champion and play the hero to resolve. "And don't play the hero" Willie said -- that's it Will! Take my WINs and go back to live my life then. Who am I to challenge RLUIPA violation or address the dictation on point out the psyche industry usurping the CDCR -- especially if I'm in (partial) agreement with the purpose of killing out criminal threat. It is far easier to appeal to Homo Sap self-destruction than to promote recovery! So kill em then! Disable them for the greater good to the greatest number of Opromises! I suspect that 2 1/2% of 20 ASPs have studied on under a blk light. It's logical to suspect the psych SPs have studied TMSOMM and take advantages at the tech available -- also with law enforcement SNYs Administrations, News Agencies, sweatshop lords. On tech to awesome tool into Mindfactors. There is no screening process qualifying "students of tech. So it stands to reason 2 1/2% would study methods available. My blow concerns about making "better criminals" with tech, valid as it is, is NOT my concern. The tech will improve responsibility of self-determined efforts -- period! For weal or woe! It may indeed breed more wolves among our rabbit breeders -- but look around! Ron said we need more wolves. (That which does not kill us makes us stronger!). Our enemy is our helper. I guess he is saying. Indeed! So should I stay in the grp as the protagonist? Antagonizing low tone up to Anger toward self def. responsibility to meet my challenge? At least until they challenge their select couth INTEREST. There are several who are impervious to my crass belligerence and face it down as peers who aspire to get more understanding of practical tech. Those I have ARC terminal available to invest demo's with those terminal cycles are outside SPO grp in most part as is my follow-up salvaging of Antagonisms. In private I am a lot more tolerant of individual gradients. Whereas in grp. I want to only ack. personal achievements while publically scoffing underacheivers -- or viciously connecting out-policy cond./applications. Perhaps I will stay in grp as Ethics Officer b/c? That's funny! Ultimately we all know that Ethic Office responsibility in KSW -- as addressed in our SPO Strategy Scale. 1730> β does have control -- in that his promise to keep whispers out of negotiations was violated when I spoke to Imam about Ben Supervision. Yes it was! Let's see you stand in the gap then tyro -- get him involved in doing his job on our behalf -- or I will. Oh, and now the classroom table is stored in his office w/ alert to clerk Johny "someone sent kite to prosper office" Interesting Imam points out someone alerted staff rather than express alarm that weapon stock is missing. All the more interesting that after grp is when coward removes table as "consequence" of Whisper confront. 18 page form 22 paper trail to Betweenthebars.org/blogs/420/William-goehler

070115/0530 YASMUA - LAUREN Visitor Apps
0615> And so we shall see if β has the mettle to west technical CONTROL of SPO Survival ability -- or will he squeal w/ Political Sewface? Not understanding effort counter effort game seizing the opportunity of out-ethic "authority". Today's confront will be a teaching how/where/why/who/etc tech & PRACTICAL SCIENCE rather than theoretical philosophy! 2100 Politicians mirror constituents, that's what they do. He is d/c because of his PR ability, but WG is "in control" of momentum. Heads-up I said -- I've encouraged others in our group to hold you to account when you're prone to squirrel SPO to conform to other LTAG's standard operations. If we each hold each other to KSW stand and we sill each learn to maintain policy in applying tech. It was real disappointing to see his impression of TMLOC "Responsibility of Leaders" to be about a guy who could not adapt to conditions...while the entire story spelled-out every method of Responsibility which be may have applied to succeed. β failed to prove ability to confront my keyed in case and rather mirrored my Self Awareness. Ax 38 is the least he should have reality checked. Vu at least identified charged-up bank-spiraling. Ask Vu for proper tech app to address charged-up case. Challenge accepted.

070215/0515 T. YASMUA
1145 Get up and write 3-kites. θ β myopia 2) Vu Spiral M-3 + Aaron legal issue. Met Baker 1st day supervision UC, not a word what to expect "won't give you a clue" is what he said to me. Baker and Calistine neither comm. realities of their antipathy. Should be interesting to see sycophants befuddled. Finally bade Cθntu farewell --- another authority shift -all staff re-posting elsewhere. No worries.

0610> Plotting on who to enlist with form 22 Imam re TABLE replacement in order to grp appeal Chaplain Responsibility to secure all equipment and stop Clerk Only policy. This challenge for others to make a stand -- much like gauging β is poor confront-ability, are gauging MY commitment in championing Religious/Chapel issues Wherein I foresee when/once the Imam becomes overwhelmed he is bound to blow -- leaving the blk. Muslims seeking Azazel :> and directing frustration. my way. And as nature abhors a vacuum...once Muslim leaves Chaplain post...A full time Jew is scheduled to a post here in a few months -- where the blk Muslims will further be frustrated trying to maintain "THE MOST VALUABLE THING THAT A THETAN POSSESSES IS HIS SPIRIT OF PLAY.

0703 cont. F LL 6/18
their chaplain dominance. Oh! how lil sparks start blazes of change! How long will the Rabbi suffer overwhelm games, is the question.
1030> Morning campaign inciting others to form 22 Imam Ne Classroom Table -- clearly a whisper plot! Coward slaves "will talk to him" about their need of a table, instead of paper trail form 22, disregard my intent to produce ACCOUNTABILITY.

0545> Excellent Y/M - aware of awareness = "Familiar". Its so awesome! What am I doing pushing Scn.? What am I doing prodding Self Exploration through Writing? What am I doing exposing θ my Self in Houses of Healing? I AM LOOKING FOR OTHERS TO PLAY WITH! TO FASCINATE! TO CHALLENGE -- TO ENCOURAGE TO BE! I feel predacious when I all too often resort to degrading my Self in bestial games and end up blanketing these wretched retards -- but games are games -- and even that overwhelming game leaves a residue of powerful intelligence = germinating. Shake them all to their foundation, I say!!! Whether the Robot - safely out of the way at work, or the tyrant slave masters who implants conformity. Let the overwhelmed lost soul see a bright beacon


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Calhoun25 Posted 1 year, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year, 1 month ago   Favorite
Rich surrealist imagery and narrative! It reminds me of a Bob Dylan song. I like all the creative flourishes of your pen -- like using letters from the Greek alphabet. You might like trying "automatic drawing", where you draw the first things that come to mind. Keep up the good work! Excited to read the next set of entries.

William Goehler Posted 1 year ago.   Favorite
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Calhoun25 Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year ago   Favorite
Hey William,

It's good to hear back from you!

I didn't have any particular Dylan song in mind, but "Going, Going, Gone" is a great song to pick out! I need to spend more time soaking in Planet Waves. Retrospectively, Planet Waves is an album easy to overlook, in the sense that two of his most popular albums -- Blood on the Tracks and Desire -- followed closely upon it. That's not to say we should overlook it. "Au contraire", we might say.

I'll have to check out some of those albums you mentioned. I've heard very great things about Van Morrison; I just need to take some time out to listen to him. Those meditation tracks sound promising as well. The other day, my friend sent me a recording of monks chanting the Heart Sutra. There are so many different ways to meditate, in addition to so many theories for understanding meditation. Some go for the silent meditation; others for chanting mantras. There are various sitting positions. Heck, some even meditate by walking, or eating slowly, or reading closely, or pondering deep puzzles. I guess I like to be a pluralist about meditation, mixing up my methods when it makes sense and gets me closer to some good. Did you ever find doing tattoo work to be meditative, at least in some sense? Also, I have heard of "instrumentalism" -- except I've heard it used in many different, unrelated ways. I'd like to hear exactly what meaning you had in mind with the word "instrumentalism". That way, I might get some "mentalistic nourishment" as well!

Your (I assume) improvised piece reads as prophetic. I will try thinking more about it. I don't fully grasp all your meaning, I think. But it is arduous to grasp such deep matters. The difficulty of wisdom is a sign of its inherent complexity as well as my own shortcomings. Now, what I did comprehend in your piece reminded me of Buddhism! Unless I misunderstood you, it seems you've got the following truths in mind. Individuals suffer from a powerful desire to conform and live unreflectively. They also suffer from a powerful second-order desire -- namely, the desire to satisfy as many of their desires as they can. Individuals are preoccupied with their desires, which feel as if they compel the soul or mind. One part of the mind, the "analytic" part, is "yelling" at us, giving us an ultimatum: we must fulfill our powerful desires, or else. Or else what? Falling prey to irrationality? On the other hand, the "aesthetic" part is saying we can slow down if we want. We can disobey the "analytic" part, ignore our powerful desires, without bad coming of it. Indeed, doing so would be positively good for us! Ironically, the "analytic" part of our mind is being irrational.

The preceding represents only my initial reflection. I'm not sure if you intended any of that. Perhaps I was reading my thoughts into your words! In any event, I now have more material to meditate on.

Calhoun25 Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year ago   Favorite
If you enjoy exploring the soul or mind, you might profit from reading Soren Kierkegaard. He's known as the father of modern existentialism. Kierkegaard often gets compared to Nietzsche. And I bring up Nietzsche because he makes an argument reminiscent of a suggestion you make. In one of his books, Nietzsche performs an etymological analysis of ethical terms. This analysis reminds me of your suggestion to contemplate the Latin derivation of the word "religion"! You might find Nietzsche, in addition to Kierkegaard, very interesting thinkers. It is a worthy exercise -- at least I think -- to compare and contrast Kierkegaard with Nietzsche. Hopefully, you can get your hands on some of their writings. But I know access to books can be a problem for inmates.

Alright, that's all for now. Have a nice week, William! It was great to talk to you.


P.S. I appreciate the drawing underneath your words. I can see your tattoo talent shining forth! That face is pure calm and contentment, if I've ever seen it.

William Goehler Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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William Goehler Posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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William Goehler Posted 5 months, 1 week ago.   Favorite
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