Nov. 21, 2011

Death Is Certain

by Robert Fredianelli


Death Is Certain

I feel like a bird with no wings
Memories of my childhood playin' on the swings
I'm stuck in this penitentiary tryin' to have a little change
Hoping to get closer to that range of bein' free
From the time I wake till the time I go to sleep
These 4x4 is all I see
Like a firestarter I wake to see tomorrow
Another day of pain, another day of sorrow.
I'm standing on the world so stop tyrin' to touch this
I've done my time, so nobody is touchless
Sometimes when I'm lonely, I sit and pray in my cell block
A race against time till the clock just stops
Sweet revenge put rage in my eyes
True betrayal plus genuine lies
More trouble than the average
Just made 30, and I'm livin' like a savage
Honest illusions watching angels fall
Before you walk, you get to learn to crawl
Blast for me when we hit the battlefields
You showed me truth 'cause I knew you was real
Just to reveal, I got to let it burn
Picture the rear view, how'd I miss my turn?
Two dangerous minds. Yeah, we think alike
Both of us living a wild and crazy life
Picture you in mind so I'll forever hold for ya
Unconditional love of a dead soldier
Death brings dedication to this poem
It's hard to understand, but life goes on
Sometimes it feels like my soul's on fire
Close the casket, it's time to say goodbye
Buried underground, but I'm going to the sky
Wipe the teardrops, we ain't got to cry
Just know it's something we love and miss
My last words go something like this:
Death is certain


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