Feb. 25, 2019

The Brokendown Salesperson

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


The Broken Down Salesperson

Who is this broken down salesperson? One who tries to sell you a car that they know the motor is not good, but the outside of the car looks extraordinary? Do you smell deceptions? it's ironic that it's something that you always wanted. You purchase the car. Guess what? You find out quick that the dealer deceived you. Oh no, you say, you took my money.

Now you find yourself in court, fighting for your money. Because the motor was getting hot, no other deal was offered to you. All you know is this salesman tricked you. Plus, you already having financial difficulties once you had that experience.

You went to a friend. You told them about Jody's car lot. The word of mouth gets around. Don't go to the car dealer "Jody's." Everyone whose money was taken was deceived pushed for Jody's business to be closed down.

So why I tell you this story? Donald J. Trump reminds me of that broken down salesman who is trying to sell the American government and people's lives to get our money wasted on business adventures that are fruitless and stupid (the border wall), that serves no purpose.

Fact checks clearly show that drugs and illegal immigrants come through legal posts. Clearly a large amount of Americans are charged with human trafficking. Every so many seconds a child or human being is being abducted for human trafficking or being lured into human trafficking. Drugs are being made in America, rapidly. All this going on in America the Beautiful.

Why is it when immigrant-on-immigrant killings happens, Mr. Trump has very limited things to say? When black-on-black killings go on, nothing is said. But when an immigrant kills a white person? You hear a never ending story. Poor ol' Sally lost her son to an illegal immigrant. Look at her! She is going through it. Wasn't her daughter beautiful? What about all the people killed daily by guns, vehicle homicide, illness, and drug overdoses who are not white? What about the people who are not the race you edify all the time?

The world is not build for one race or gender. God created the world to be diverse, meaning he created every race. So with that being said, if white, Latino, Haltian, Korean, Chinese, African-American, Japanese, Indian, etc.—whatever happens to person, God cares. If we all call ourselves Christians, such as Donald J. Trump, his actions would match up with his beliefs.

God is not the author of confusion. The border wall is nothing but confusion on Donald J. Trump's behalf. I am so tired of Donald J. Trump trying to be so flamboyant with the American people. "Look at what I have done! This and that!" But none of what Donald J. Trump says has substance. Because every time you do a fact check, it's a lie on every end.

Then he uses all these white individuals as a pond in the audience during his events, such as the State of the Union and state of emergency. For the American people to say, "Oh, poor ol' Judy," I am sorry that happened to her.

Have you ever heard of false compassion? False compassion tries to persuade you into believe the person really cares about you and your situation. Basically, the person reasoning with you about the situation but, at the end, they use you for their end game to get what they want. The truth of the matter is they can care less about you because, "Hey, it ain't me."

So all the people who have been sitting in the audience during the State of the Union speech and the breaking news state of emergency, you need to ask yourselves: does this man really care about my situation? Is Donald J. Trump using me as a political end game? Because he is in that hot seat. Because he ran a campaign that his political promises was far-fetched. How many of you sitting at the events wonder if the other races have lost a family to illegal immigrants killing them? Are you just worried about you own race? You will go to the back for your own race.

That is what's happening with Donald J. Trump. It's a colored and gender base.

I have another question: are we out of that trillion dollar deficiency that we owe? Is America's bills getting paid or are they just a hoax that America is trying to get on the richest country map? By the tariffs and newburances, etc. What exactly is going on, Donald J. Trump?

The state of emergency show that Donald J. Trump is out for what he wants, not American people. Clearly, the facts show that a wall is not needed through statistics. That more security and updated equipment is needed at the checkpoint. There are so many avenues for an illegal immigrant and drugs to enter America. Who is going to suffer during the government shutdown and state of emergency? THE AMERICAN FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND WORKERS: PEOPLE.

Why does Donald Trump want to continuously have cat fights with the other parties in the government, who are very stable-minded? Chuck Shummer, Nancy Palso, etc. Thank you all. I salute you all out of respect. Not everybody has their big boy drawers on. Some still have a diaper on and whimper like a little bot over nothing. For heaven's sake, somebody give Donald Trump a bottle of milk.

I guess you say what we should do as Americans and government parties over the state of emergency. I believe it should be a lawsuit filed in the federal courts. The judge should shut down Donald Trump's foolishness down for good. Only giving him money for more security and more updated equipment at the checkpoint. Even a fence wouldn't be the answer because there are so many ways they can come.

Let me ask the American people, though. What is effective on our military bases at the checkpoint before you enter the base? Security. That's correct. Security. Our security is strong on our military bases. They are not going to let you in except for when you show your identification.

The ball is in the federal courts to treat the American's rights concerning our government monkey.


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