March 20, 2019

The disadvantages that is not necessary

by Jennifer Johnson (author's profile)


The disadvantages that are not necessary

I have been in the system 22 years. I have never faced the encounters I have been facing and some of the inmates at Pulaski Prison—we've always had a grievance system. Grievances are in every prison over the United States. Prisoners still have some rights.

Issues applicable for grievances: any condition, policy, procedure, action or lack thereof that affects inmates and are in the control of the Department of Corrections, other than those listed above not withstanding the above. Any grievance alleging retaliation, misconduct or harassment is applicable for a grievance regardless of the form. The computation of sentences are specifically included in issues that may be grieved.

We having problems with consolers signing off on your grievance. Because you supposed to get the office to call your consoler and put it in their hands so you can get a receipt. If your consoler is not available, any consoler can sign off on the grievance. But this is not happening.

You have people's sentences moved up at Pulaski State prison that tries to get help. You have consolers trying to keep people in Pulaski State Prison. Some people are eligible for the halfway house. They thinking they signed up but only come to find out they're not.

People have problems with consolers that are so combative in their attitudes and don't care to help their clients till they have been writing the chief consoler to get their consoler changed. In the process at Pulaski State Prison, in the midst of you trying to get help, sometimes you are retaliated against or harassed by officials. In looked upon as troublemakers when you're only trying to get help for your situation.

The situation I have going on is with the clothing warehouse and the deputy warden who is over this department. When you enter the system, they supposed to provide you with the things Department of Corrections require you to have. The same way when you are housed in the panel for a while. Still supposed to provide what you need.

I have been wearing socks with holes in them for three months. I have two pairs of panties that have holes and are worn out. One pair of panties don't have no front to them. I have put a clothing request for three months to the deputy warden running this area and the warehouse supervisor. They have been having to wait for clothes to come in. But when they get here, majority of women's needs are not being supplied. My T-shirts are worn out as well.

Our warehouse should stay full of all sizes they need at the prison. Running out of clothes and not having your own size is not right. Not having clothes is not right. Regardless of the population of inmates.

Female inmate personal property inventory says we supposed to have:
5 socks
2 sweatshirts
2 thermal set - you can't even get this unless you work at outside detail, which is wrong because our coats are very thin
5 panties
5 bras - they giving everyone sports bras. Why?
1 house coat
2 pajama sets
5 khaki pants - we get only three. Why?
5 khaki shirts - we get only three. Why?
2 pillow cases - we get only one. Why?

Could someone help the women at Pulaski State Prison resolve these issues?

This is a personal issue I am having with a judge in Decatus County Bainbridge, GA. Chief Judge J. Kevin Chason. Regardless of who made the mistake in myself, Jennifer Johnson, and husband, Christopher Morman, criminal case. The case was based on circumstantial evidence. Hersey, a lot of it.

You cannot charge nobody with murder based on cruelty to children. If you would study cases where people were charged with the felony of murder and cruelty to children, it was vacated because the indictment was void.

Example case: Defendant may not be convicted of the felony of murder and also be convicted of the underlying felony cruelty to children, which was alleged by the indictment to support the conviction of murder 2 Ackery v. State 257 GA 442 3605 E.2d (1987). This makes us being falsely imprisoned under a void indictment.

I wrote letters and file motion after motion. This man's pride will not let him cancel this situation to save his life. I need somebody to step in and help me.

Please step in. Help.

Written by
Jennifer Johnson


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