May 5, 2019


by Ronald W. Clark, Jr (author's profile)


Ronald W. Clark Jr.
April 25, 2019


Well, looks like I'm back to blogging. I've tried to lay low, fly under the radar. I'm just not that good at it. And these people are constantly doing something stupid. Which I'm about to share.

In 2018, Jpay implemented its email service into the FDOC. Here in P-Dorm death row housing, they installed our kiosk on the recreation yard. These kiosks are our lifelines to the tablets being rebooted every 30 days, as well as ordering music, games, books, newspapers, etc.

Now P-Dorm has four rec yards, and two kiosks on each rec yard. Well, our rec officers, instead of dividing inmates up into several yards, jam 48 inmates onto one yard! We get less than three hours on the rec yard. We get 15 minutes on the kiosk. So you've got 48 inmates vying for kiosk time within a three hour timeframe. This is a recipe for chaos! These yard officers have witnessed the inmates getting pissed off at one another, and they sit back and laugh. They're amused and entertained by this hostile environment which they have created by packing inmates onto one rec yard rather than spreading them across all four yards.

And this isn't a result of understaffing! No sir! This is a direct result of vindictive ill will towards the inmates! For you have five and six officers sitting on the bench watching this chaotic mess that they've orchestrated! They see the inmates getting mad and frustrated over this. It's irresponsible, stupid, and extremely unprofessional!

But no one seems to care. At least not until a fight or an assault happens. Then, and only then, will someone pay attention. No, it's time to pay attention now! To stop this madness before someone gets hurt. And I've been trying to do that. I sent emails out to try to get this resolved, mainly because other inmates who fear the retaliation asked me to do it.

Well, now I'm paying for it. Yesterday (April 24, 2019) while coming off the rec yard, I got these yard officers making all types of derogatory remarks. One actually made a sly remark about moving me into an area where he can have an inmate do his dirty work. Oh yes! They're good at that, turning inmates against each other. Inmates on two other wings have overheard them (rec staff) talking about tearing my cell up. Which they did back in October, which was reprisal for the letters I sent out last year. During that retaliatory shake down, they damaged my tablet. One of them jammed a sharp object into the middle of the screen. I reported it, nothing was ever done.

Like I've said before, this is the Florida Department of CORRUPTION.

And I've been warned by staff several times over the past two to three weeks that I'm bringing attention to myself. Two days later, my email gets shut down. Yes, they're playing dirty.

And it's time for me to crank this ink pen up and expose them. Everything I've said here, it's documented. One rec yard use at a time, packing 40 plus inmates on a yard, half the size of Florida State Prison's death row recreation yard. Which they only allow a minimum of 17 inmates on. So the FDOC has recognized that death row recreation yards shouldn't be overcrowded. Yes, it's all documented.

But this is the corrupt and unethical world of FDOC, where reprisal is nothing new. I'll be updating again as the madness continues. I can only hope that new FDOC Secretary Mark Inch reads this and takes action.

God bless you all.

In peace and love,


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