Feb. 19, 2020

Valentines Day

by Donald Tinsley (author's profile)



"Valentines Day"

So its the big love day ya say. I'm single and it's my b-day this month. On Feb 28th I turn the big 50. So I was thinking what do I wish for on my 50th? Probably nothing, it's much easier that way. Look people, i've been living in a cage since Oct. of 1994 and I've been single all of that time. Pretty stupid of me ya think? I'm a lifer and I wasn't allowed family to visit until last year due to the laws in beautiful CA (California). When I was arrested and sent to prison back then I decided that doing time without a mate was truly the right thing to do. Why? I'm not a selfish man and I never will be. It's this simple I decided that it wouldn't be fair at all to fall in love with someone and not be allowed overnight visits with her. I just couldn't treat a woman like that. My mother raised me better than that. The number 1 thing a man never does is strike or harm a woman EVER for any reason. If a woman hit me in the face I still wouldn't ever hit her back. Never, never, ever hit a female. I can't stand to see a woman cry so I do everything possible to never let that happen.

Since my mother raised me like this is exactly why I'm still single. I can't hurt a woman's feelings what so ever so if I happen to fall in love with her and she wants to get married then she will want the overnight family visits with me and I wasn't allowed those visit for 25 years. I got locked up for life when I was 24 years old and now I'll be 50 on February 28th. Do you think that I've done the wrong thing by staying single and the most lonely dude of all time? Did I want to be single for all of these decades? Hell no, but O couldn't put myself in the position to fall in love and not fully commit to her. We all have needs and physically the prison wouldn't allow me visits overnight with her so why put her through that kind of pain. Wouldn't that be super selfish of me? I don't want to be lonely anymore, ok. Going on 26 years without a touch by a female is not right. I bet that you don't know anyone who hasn't had sex in almost 26 years am i right? It's crazy as fuck to imagine that being true but it is.I sometimes think all of the good women out there who would possibly want to meet me after reading this serious blog post. Being alone sucks as it is but alone in here and knowing that I don't have to be.

I've decided that since I'm turning 50 and all that, I should start putting myself out there what do you think? There's a lot of good qualities in me and I can't live forever so i need to know what to do. I have done without, missed out on everything that this life has to give me and its time to make a change. I am in court right now, the Appellate Court, waiting on a ruling to go back out to court in Stockton, CA. A very important law was passed called SB1437 CA, changed the homicide law. If you're not the actual killer then you will b given a public defender and a court date and if your attorney proves that you're not the shooter and deserve to be re-sentenced under this new law that the court and "vacate" my conviction and release me back into society. So here's the deal, I'm not the trigger man and that gave me a attorney out of Sacramento, CA. There's a great chance that I'll be given back me freedom. (I am SCARED to parole)

I have very few family left but my brother and his wife live in Hawaii and they want me home. Before I post this I'm going to write a few lines about everything I've missed out on you will be shocked.

Check it out

1. No children. 2. Never been married. 3. Never been on a plane. 4. Never owned a car. 5. Never had a driver's license. 6. Never had long term relationship. 7. Never wore a suit. 8. Never drove drunk/Never had a drunk driving ticket :). 9. Never played Xbox. 10. Never used a cellphone 11. Never seen the internet. 12. No social media period. 13. haven't had sex since Oct. of 1994. 14. Let's jus stop there you get the drift. I have basically been in a cage for 2 1/2 decades :(. I don't do the pity thing, ow poor poor Donnie, I don't do that. I'm probably like no man that you have ever met.

Now that I'm turning 50 and I might be getting out, I just wanted to post what I did and see what type of response I'll get. I keep thinking about getting into a relationship but I need to tell the truth to anyone who may be interested.

I will not talk too much about myself until the right woman asks me to. You can read my blog and look at my photo and even send me a few lines on my blog. How are you on taking risks? You can see that I haven't in decades but I'm willing to if you are. You just might be surprised when you look into me.

If you have the time and want to have a new friend post something.

Hi I'm Donnie. Im a open book, see for yourself. Bye for now and thanks for reading.


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Kingcalvin3 Posted 4 years, 2 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
Hi my name is Ryan Holloway, the last time I seen you uncle Donnie was around the time you went into the joint I was about 9 years old then... you were always one of my favorite uncles... I remember hanging out with you at uncle lee and aunt Robins on Oro st.. ... I look you up from time to time but this time I came across this blog... just to fresh your memory cause it’s been a long time I’m Kim and Ronnies son...

Donald Tinsley Posted 4 years ago.   Favorite
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Mjones3971 Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
Hey Donnie, this is Marianne Jones..
I just happened to run across this blog and wanted to say hi! it's been forever.. Hope you are doing well...from what I'm reading, sounds like you may have some luck coming your way.. I do hope it works out for you, you have been locked up long enough.. The world has changed though so be careful...anyway I hope you are well.. MJ

Donald Tinsley Posted 3 years, 11 months ago.   Favorite
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