March 31, 2020

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by Donald Tinsley (author's profile)
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Valentines Day
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Hey Ryan, whats up bro? Thank you for leaving me comments on my blog. I was very surprised to hear from you. It's been decades since I've seen or heard from a Holloway. Life sure has changed for all of us Ryan. Fucking Stockton "Okieville" sure done a number on all of us. Especially me. The dope and the bad friends sealed my fate years ago. Anyhow tell your mom and dad that I said hello and that I send my utmost love and respect to them both. Today I was on the phone with Levi and Roroin they live in Hawaii as I'm sure you are aware of. I told them that you got at me on my blog they thought that was really cool of you. Ryan I'm going to give you my address so you and the rest of our family can write to me OK. Writing to me is a lot faster if you just send them here to me at the prison the blog is like snail mail it fucking takes forever just to respond. WOW Ryan so much has changed that its insane hearing from you. I have lots of questions to ask and I'm sure that you have plenty to ask me as well. I don't want our 1st letter to be about all of the losses that our family has taken over the years we can talk about that later I'll just say I'm sorry for all of the deaths that happened in our family. Look Ryan I want to thank you again for reaching out to me after all of these years that have gone by. It's cool as fuck that you thought about your Uncle Donnie still. I appreciate the fuck out of that. Bro I've thought about Kim and Ronnie and all of you boys plenty of times I just never had any addresses to write to. Do me a favor and please let your mom & dad know that I made some bad choices in life with my friends and it cost me a sentence of life in prison but "I didn't kill anyone" but I was there I just want your mom and dad to know the truth. Kim & Ronnie have always loved me and believed in me so its important to tell them that I wasn't the trigger man OK. I don't know how old you are today, I'm 50 thats fucking crazy huh can you believe that shit... Ryan I want you to give everyone who still loves me my hook up so they can write to me. I have been in a cage for 26 yrs now and mail is very important to me. But some people hate writing letters and would rather just accept a collect call so I'm going to give you the number so that we can talk on the phone in case you can't stand to write. Tell Kim and who ever else to call this number.
"Global Tel-link 1-800-483-8314" When you get ahold of these fools they will allow you to put $ on the phone for me to call you.

In the meantime, we can write to each other. You can use the blog and we can bullshit that way or write a letter and shoot it through the mailman. I have a gang of questions about a lot of people that I need answers to Ryan. I need to know who all is still alive and who all still remembers Uncle Donnie as you did. Your the 1st Holloway to reach out to me when I never thought that any of you would ever write so thanks Ryan that's so badass of you. I appreciate this more then you could imagine. Before I go on and on about shit keep in mind that writing you back took so long because its a blog that's free to prisoners so they send my blog responses back to you whenever OK. Do me a favor tell Kim, Ronnie that I love and miss them and that I haven't forgot everything, that they have done for me in the past. Kim & Ronnie always fed me and gave me a place to live and I haven't forgotten that. Ryan I'm going to need to know where everyone is at these days. What part of Stockton are you at? Okieville still? Fucking die-hard Okieville family's its all that we have ever known :) I want to know where my cousin Jennifer Holloway is shit just when you write give me all the details if possible. Later I would love some photos of the family.

Wow my little nephew Ryan wrote to me after all of these years. I always knew that you little guys wouldn't ever in life give up on uncle Donnie.
Write to me at the following address
Donald Tinsley H-71715
RJD Correctional Fac.
480 Alta Road San Diego C.A. 97179


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