April 20, 2020

Isolation By Causation

by Chuck Thompson (author's profile)


Isolation by causation
Greetings to the world abroad- I find in these troubled times that even in the most deprivation of life's basic comforts- we still all have some common thread - some humanity we all relate to on a basic level.
What is this Covid 19 Coronavirus has done is united many, brought folks closer, its also divided some. Being denied life's most basic comforts, things we all take for granted, will make us all s human beings - stop give pause to think of the way we take for granted all we love about life.
When you open up and being to reach out to folks in your time of tribulations is when your best side comes out. It's in the face of adversity that our true character beings to shine.

I am constantly amazed by the stories I hear on the news radio, read about in news - of people giving, helping others. The folks who are putting themselves in harms way for us all to remain comfortable. Fed, clothed, with life's basic necessities.
Having lived in a situation that situation that's beginning to feel like totalitarian rule- it should give us a brief view of what could be- if our world was to change forever.
The abilities to feed our family, take care of all our needs, and our own entertainment is all effected. The virus has no racial or demographic boundaries. It doesn't discriminate. It unites us all as fragile human beings.
The psychological effects of isolation - are many and have many adverse affects on each individual. Some find it hard to cope with feeling depressed afraid or scared others can find ways means to keep themselves entertained to take their mind off the deprivation.
Indeed the current situation of lockdown - is very repressive.
To be oppressed by some form of rule(s), rather than its rule of law, or rule of nature. Tt’s all the same.
Across the world people are kept on lockdown - held against their will, by men’s law some government rule, yet it is all a basics denial of human rights.
To be isolated lock down held in isolation is meant to break One soul and spirit. That human nature to fight. Looking back at the beginning of the use of a prison cell- it was preferred in the USA in early colonial times by the Quakers. The locking up of a heathen criminal to break his will His spirit. Done in order to tear the human psyche down to reform change the person. To bring them to God to make them change to given what it had started let alone the long-term repercussions. Haven’t taken the use of solitary confinement to new extremes in the 1800s into the 1900s to date it’s become violation of human rights that continues to Dayton many stories countries. Cruel and unusual punishment comes in many ways mean means forms whatever the cause of your decorations we are late on a human basic level. Let my people GO!


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martiniisflying Posted 2 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 1 month ago   Favorite

Hope you are doing well.

I am writing to you from other side of the globe and I just want you to know that your words made me think... Is this what is happening around the world is real „lock down”? People stay at home, usually with their loved ones, can get groceries, go for a walk... In my personal opinion that doesn’t sound as lock down. Yes they have been changes to the life we’re used to have. As a flight attendant being separeted from my family and friends is normal. I’ve learnt I won’t spend every Christmas and birthday the way I want but I would see the world and that was the thing that I wanted to do. I Can’t travel now... and that feels strange but there is so many things to do at home. It’s not like you Can’t have fun at your own place and having all the time in the world to figure out what you want from life. Step by step, day by day accomplish new achievment even If it’s so easy as doing your bed every morning.
I do believe everything in live can be looked at from different perspective. What situation we’re in shows is how fragile and spoiled society is... I truly believe millions of people around the world with give everything to be able to walk or do groceries, or be around their family or play with dog or lay in their own bed and they won’t think about how unfair is life at home...
Last year I had bad injury and wasn’t able to move for about 2 months. This 2 months I was laying down at looking at my ceiling thinking how ungrateful I was for the things I could do and how many people will need to lay down at look at the ceiling for few months, years or maybe life... I’ve cried when I made first step and when I was able to walk up and down the stairs.... That to me felt almost like a lock down as I wasn’t able to do anything but still had friends who visited and could order food I wanted so wasn’t fully but I’ve learnt to appreciate little things that we have in life as the make you happy.
Every day is a miracle the moment you open your eyes. Maybe this experience has happened to let people realize that simple is enough, other person is enough, smile is enough...

In this weird times I am sending you a smile

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