May 30, 2020

Personal Journal......5/18/20

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal:

dt, I want to thank you for the comments you made. I love writing love notes and poetry to my Jeannie... Poetry is meant to be shared by all and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I got your comments too my love 'Rock', you've always been mind. Yes, my love, I said oak tree, because you are so much more to me. I also want to thank all the other friends who have followed us and transcribed my work over the years. Stay healthy (image of a heart).
My celly finally moved. He asked me if he would like here for two or three weeks. That was in January:). So now I've got my cell back to myself once in a while. I know I'm hard to get along with, snore loudly, I've been told I get up early in the morning to write, letters, my journal, poetry, love notes. I don't talk loudly so don't raise your voice at me or you'll find me standing over you :). Anyway, my friends like me most of the time. I would like to stay single cell but don't get me wrong, I've had some long term cellies. Relton (?) and I lived together for almost 10 years. We shared the same interests, we both did (?) and (?) at the time. I'm not easy to get along with when I'm doing (?), boozer not so much :). I'm told I'm a mean drunk. I do until I black out.
I have a (?) for noon today to see if I can get into the MAT program - something for the pain and keep me from chasing (?). Rainy days and Mondays. It rained yesterday- after breakfast I lay down and was out like turning off the lights. Cloudy day light. I'm going to lay down now after breakfast, can't seem to keep my eyes open.

Yesterday my (?) was for Coronavirus-19 Test. A waste of money and time- will taking the test in the morning keep me from catching the virus in the afternoon:) I have two more medical tests today- one to measure and dress this open sore on my back- the other one about the MAT program. Other than this, not much going on. I painted most of yesterday- got this cheetah all done except for some details. It's a lot easier to paint or write when you don't have a celly standing over your back looking over your shoulders but I've got to have a little solitude- you're right, maybe it's me that's hard to get along with :).

5:20AM. Just a note. Smiling this morning even as I feel winter's cold in my joints. Springtime has come and gone but the winter has stepped back in between Spring and Summer. The rain looks like it has stopped for a few minutes. In the morning yesterday it let up for about three hours. I took full advantage of it- not sure how many miles I walked but there were a few. I've got my sweats back out and on- see how long this lasts. I got signed up for a (?) group yesterday. I also got put on a list for the MAT. They said it'll take about 30 to 60 days before someone sees me there- without the MAT there, no need in me taking up space in the group because they don't work for me.

All and all this has been a good week- seen a couple of R.N.'s and a couple of doctors. I'm feeling well no matter how people say I look:) (handsome Steve). A man can think a lot clearer when he's single celled. Wrote some poetry- wrote a love note- wrote a love letter, finished a painting, started another, came out at the end with a smile on my face. (?) is between 9th and 10th on K so it could have been either one or both and on the same day:) I'm going to stop this for now and get this in the mail. I love a rainy day (image of a heart), I love the smile in your eyes. Everybody stay healthy and safe and thank you for the work and for caring. Food's bad :(


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Mimisteward Posted 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 3 weeks, 2 days ago   Favorite
Dear Steve,

Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

It sounds like this was a productive and positive week on the whole. It's wonderful that you are painting, and writing love poems, notes and letters.
I love a rainy day too! Here in England, most days are rainy days!

I'm sorry to hear that the food's rubbish, and I hope that you stay happy and healthy as you can be,

Best wishes and loving thoughts,


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