Aug. 5, 2020

Personal Journal.....7/27/20

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal

I saw the Dermatologist ni Moderato. He did 6 more biopsys, arm, face, & chest - my next visit will be the 6th of August. He said he was going to cut the one on my back out freeze a couple and do more biopsys. At least I've got it started. Today, Monday 27th July I'm going out to see the Speech Therapy doctor again about my throat. The exercises he's got me doing with my neck seem to be helping. More fo that electrode therapy today I don't know about that. They're supposed to e bringing the dogs of here from a yard but it hasn't happened yet. I welcome the dogs but their handlers need to be quarantined somewhere 40 day not 14. 40 days is the period a ship arriving in port and suspected of carrying a contagious disease is held in isolation. I feel better today, except I'm still bleeding from the biopsy but they're getting better - I think. I do need more yard time but the virus is going to keep us locked down here in California into next year sometime. You would think I would be painting more - I do have a nice barn painting going right now but I only painted on it one-time last week - I just have no energy in my body - you would think that drinking some 10 Boost a day I would have all kinds of energy. Even when I'm out walking I'm going a hell of a lot slower. The weather has not been that hot here anyway.

Personal Journal
7/27/20 not feeling it to me. I rarely swear since I lost all that weight.
7/28/20 Tuesday I made it to the speech doctor, almost didn't go - I had this asshole guard put the handcuffs on too tight and I was thinking about telling him to take them off I skip the appointment. I told myself if he put the leg cuffs on like that I would go - they put the handcuffs on they this black where you can't move your hands, wrist, arms or shoulder and you hurt for days after - I had them on for 5 hours. Anyway I did go and got the treatment. when I got back we're on quarantined :) As dinner someone else checked in sick - today the guards are wearing Covid 19 suits so we're going to be in our cells for most of the next two weeks (14 days) :) I keep my mask on I associated with both these people I got a ducat for a blood draw this morning. I'm wondering if medical ducats are going to happen I did say they do things halfass here. The ride back from the hospital wasn't so ad - it was something I enjoyed. To pad their hours the guard took the backroad - they were bumpy but they were road I remembered from my youth. At one point we went right through the little town of Thronton, right down Main Street. It's a bigger little town than I remember - all the buildings were old, I have to smile now because they were old in the late 50s when I was no more than a kid working at the Thornton cannery with my Uncles - sad/happy memories. I guess the cuffs weren't that bad. :)
7/29/20 Writing going to be a little slow during lockdown different anyway mostly remembrance, love notes, poetry & stories :) there is no intersection or very little interaction outside the cell. Maybe I'll write about the book I'm reading a ton, shows/movies I enjoyed. I'm really liking how the painting I'm doing of this barn is coming out - taking my time on it. I think I work on it today. I did get a ducat today to see the R.N. maybe I'll get out and hear some rumors :) but I had a ducat for blood draw yesterday and didn't get called I also need to pick up my boost this morning at the Clinic. A couple of weeks ago when I went out I was listening to the radio and they were talking about dancing at the old Sugar Beet Factory that brought back memories as Factory is a convention of the old Clarkbury Sugar Beet Mill into an upbeat dance party joint :) Another Cannery me, James, Allen, and our friends Marty & Larry worked at. Now going where we Tim was too young to get a job :) OK I'm going to get this off and start on something for next week. Take care, stay safe. The food is bad :) Until the end of time my love. Post something.


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