Aug. 27, 2020
by William Goehler (author's profile)



Interested in Becoming a Certified Drug & Alcohol Counselor?
Apply now for the Offender Mentor Certification Program (OMCP)

Why Apply:
OMCP offers the education, training, and work experience necessary to secure a career as a certified Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) counselor upon release from prison. While incarcerated, OMCP Mentors may earn Milestone Completion Credits (MCCs), an Educational Merit Credit (EMC), and wages varying from $0.45/hour to $2.00/hour.

Eligibility Criteria:
• More than 5 years left to serve on your sentence (Lifers and LWOPs are eligible)
No pending or adjudicated-guilty serious RVRs in the last 2 to 3 years
• Case-by-case review for serious RVRs in the last 2 to 3 years
• Case-by-case review for administrative RVRs in the last 3 years
• No SHU terms in the last 3 years
• Case-by-case review for SHU terms in the last 3 to 5 years
• Reading level of 9.0 or above

***Note*** Space is limited. All candidates will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for program eligibility based upon application packet and subsequent interviews.

Application and Selection Process:
• Contact your CC I or local DRP CC III to obtain an application packet
• Complete the application packet, including a 500 word essay, resume and list two staff character references
• DRP CCIII SOMS / ERMS review (C - File review)
• Interviews with CDCR/DRP selection panel staff
• Agree to and sign a CDCR OMCP Acceptance Transfer Chrono and Performance Agreement

Chosen participants MUS sign a contract agreeing to transfer to ANY institution (as deemed appropriate by CDCR/DRP staff based on departmental needs and individual case factors) to perform duties as a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

If interested, contact your Correctional Counselor I or local DRP Correctional Counselor III

Revised June 2020

Since I've lost so much of my property in this transfer ordeal, I'm posting these 8-pages for safe keeping until I can get them into the right hands. Your comments are welcome attachments when that time comes.


OMCP Applicant Name: William R. Goehler
Date: 6.12.20
Permanent Address: Mule Greek State Prison
PO Box 409020
Ione, CA 95640

My Objective in applying for the OMCP:
I want the intense training to enhance my role as Helper. I long to be in an environment where there are others diligently pursuing noble goals and improving their life. And ultimately, I'd like the Parole Board to consider me suitable for release at some point - and this "certification" would bode well in that.

Work Experience:
Presently: Program Services Clerk/Special Purchases Order Clerk.
Inmate Advisory Council Representative - R+R.
Scientology Prison Outreach Facilitator
Previously: Yard Crew, Kitchen Worker

Education: GED at Old Folsom 1988
MCSP College: Human Services/Counseling

Certificates or Accreditations: CRIMINON Graduate - Scientology Volunteer Minister

Staff Character References:
1. Name: Chaplain Max Safonov
Title: Protestant Chaplain MCSP
Contact Information: Mule Creek C-Facility
How do you know this person? Chapel Supervision of my Scientology Study Group
A-Fac. Chapel 2015-2020
2. Name: CC III Gibney
Contact Information: Mule Creek
How do you know this person? A-Fac. CC II 2008-2013?

3. Sgt. Clays, MCSP 2015-2020 A-FAC. c/o - Sgt.

Revised 1/27/2020


Applicant Name (please print): William Goehler
CDCR #: K77832
Present Job Assignment: Program Services Clerk
City/County of Commitment: Yuba
EPRD/MEPD: 2040?
Housing: Mule Creek - A-Facility

Describe your involvement in self-help or volunteer programs:
I have a collection of self-help certificates ranging from 2004's Corrections Learning Network at PBSP (Stress and Anger Management), Then in 2006 I helped create an Odinist (cont.)

Have you been a Co-Facilitator or Teacher's Assistant? (yes)

If yes, describe your experience as a Mentor, Big Brother, Co-Facilitator, (Teacher), Teacher's Assistant, Sponsor
The creation of an Odinist group at CSP-LAC, was solely self-sponsored, where I had the responsibility to teach others to study lore intentionally. I was again the sole creator-sponsor-teacher of Scientology Prison Outreach programs. To describe my (cont)

Have you ever had problems with drugs and/or alcohol? (Yes)/No

If yes, describe your history of problems with drugs and or alcohol use:
Diagnosed as having ADHD as a kid, and prescribed me in the 1970s, was my first problem with drugs. They most certainly caused me to become chemically imbalanced during my childhood. At 13 yrs. I began drinking with older neighborhood (cont.)

Do you have public speaking experience? (Yes)/No

If yes, describe any public speaking experience you have had:
1986 at DVI, I was vice president of a ToastMasters Gavel Club. In the early 1990s, I had a couple Christian Ministries I preached for. And then there were the self-help group talks and teaching moments I've had in my own group settings.

What significant positive changes have you applied in your life? (please be specific)
I've been in recovery for decades. I've taken this time for introspection and studied all I could of old philosophies and religions, enough so as to consider myself a Gnostic. And as such I'm willing to help others who aspire to understand life.

List three reasons you are interested in participating in the OMCP?
1- It is the ideal program to better equip me to help others - as part of a team.
2- It may or may not impress a parole board someday, but it will certainly provide a worthy purpose for me to represent inside or out of prison.
3- It seems the obvious next stage in my life serving others.

Selected candidates complete the first part of training (approximately one year) at one of the training institutions. Training incldes completion of an accelerated Integrated Substance Use Disorder Treatment (ISUDT) program, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) education, practicum, and sitting for an AOD exam. After successfully passing the exam, OMCP Mentors are transferred back to their home institution, or to an institution chosen by CDCR, to work as a co-facilitator to ocmplte the required internship hours to become a certified AOD counselor.

OMCP Applications must include an updated resume, two (2) character references from staff, any certificates earned and a 500-word essay answering the following:
"How do I maintain my recovery AND what can I offer others to sustain their recovery?"
For more information on OMCP,
contact your institution's DCP Correctional Counselor (CC) III or your assigned CC I. If you need more space to answer the above questions, please include additional pages as necessary.

(cont.) Self-Help Programs

study group at CSP-LAC, maintaining a strict discipline of learning the basics of the neophytes, and challenging the more learned to discover the esoteric significance within their ancient lore. In 2012 I began having an interest again in self-help programs, attending National Crime Victims seminars. That same year I was a Founding Member fo a Self Exploration through Writing - Living On Purpose group, which truly had a profound impact upon my self-awareness and the corresponding responsibility to be accountable. I've also done the Houses of Healing program three separate times with that purpose in mind: Twice in group settings (5/2013 & 9/2013), where I'd lead by example and demonstrate a candid accountability answering intimate questions about my early childhood experiences. In 2016 I did the correspondence course version of Hous of Healing - Emotional Literacy, for an even more intimate inspection of sub-personalities I had developed. That curriculum also had a profound impact on my emotional growth and healing. In 2014 I participated in Criminal Thinking therapy where I learned even more about myself - and others. I'd also participated in another Anger Management Group where my M.D. is to generally lead by example - demonstrating a candid inquisitiveness. In 2015 I completed an Interpersonal Relationships workshop. Then began a couple years studying the CRIMINAL curriculum through the mail, while I created a Scientology Study Group at MCSP Facility A chapel, where everything I'd learned in teh previous years would be put to the test. The honor of teaching other students to observe the obvious and be responsible for actions, was often frustrated by lack of supervision canceling our scheduled services in the chapel over the years. These frustrations are documented on CDCR-602 Appeals in my C-File. And as a productive consequence of those frustrations, I was able to intimate a correspondence program with Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Curriculum issuing 19 Certificates I'd began in 2018 and completed in 2020, while disseminating those courses to other inmates and helping them get started. There are currently 70+ certificates awarded to nearly 20 students here at MCSP, and a total of 150+ certificates collectively including students who've been transferred to other prisons continuing their courses, and prisoners from other states who learned of this program. This is all documented in my C-File COMMENDS. All in all I've collected 40+ Self-Help certificates and several Laudatory Chronos and Official Comments acknowledging my humanitarian efforts, helping others help themselves.

(cont.) Experience as a Teacher

experience as Teacher/Sponsor, it's necessary to admit my motivation was initially based upon a contempt for stupidity. Bestial Prisoners trapped in their public personas were simply a challenge to me. Hence the span of time between my 2006 Odinist effort, and the 2012 interest to begin again as a Student. My contempt was the wrong motivation. That Odinist experience was that much of a disappointment. And for the following six years I'd simply withdrawn from vulgarians, and rarely engaged more disciplined neophytes I'd meet.
In 2012 I simply determined to be less demanding in my desire to raise the consciousness of others in my zone of influence. I had determined to do that by being less of a know it all - and more of a fellow aspirant, intent to ennoble my own soul. I'd learn compassion for stupidity, permits a better foundation than contempt. I'd learn the best way to teach is by example, demonstrating how to learn and apply what is worth learning. I'd learn that my candid authenticity is my greatest teaching tool, especially when I demonstrate an intimate vulnerability required to make an impact.
But in 2015, sponsoring my Scientology Study Group creation was the biggest challenge of my life. I was able to have thousands of dollars of material donated, and there were always prisoners willing to attend the group and discuss videos we'd watch or courses we were doing. But the disparity of scheduling religious services often frustrated ambitions of Scientology students (and other religions as well). Sponsoring this creation would be a demonstration of persistence toward a worthy goal to introduce Scientology to aspiring students.
In 2018, that ennobling ambition ushered in a correspondence course program I'd disseminate to students frustrated by the chapel. And as innovative creator of this opportunity, I happily accepted the responsibility as a fellow student to help others with their course work when necessary, relishing in their desire to apply theirself to bettering their conditions of life.

History of drugs/alcohol

Kids who would encourage me to steal bottles of vodka from local stores. Soon after, these neighbors introduced me to PCP. And not long after that we all went to juvie for vandalizing a school. It wouldn't be until years later when I was 17, that I'd begin drinking beer regularly, and smoking marijuana. Eventually, this led to taking LSD a few times, and diet pills occasionally, in the early 1980s. By 1984 I was a wreck and though I was going to rehab instead of prison - but stayed clean and sober for the next 6 yrs just the same. Within a year after my release from prison I was drinking beer regularly again - and so much more after my mom died. It didn't take long after that for me to get my first DUI. It would be a couple more years after that when I started doing meth and drinking beer again regularly. When my pregnant wife began doing meth again, that's when I'd lost all control. I demanded to take the next shot she was giving the fetus and it OD'ed me. After that I was in a typical meth frenzy for the next couple years ultimately destroying our family and leading to this prison term.

Use the space below for your 500-word essay describing:
How do you maintain your recovery and what can you offer others to sustain their recovery from problems with drugs and or alcohol?

OMCP Applicant Name: William Goehler, #K77832

This essay describes how I maintain my recovery, and what I can offer others to help sustain their recovery from [rpblems with drugs and/or alcohol, is going to be difficult to stretch into 500 words.
I have attended traditional AA/NA groups a number of times over the decades both outside and inside the prison - and for me, it never did seem to facilitate "recovery", as much as it provided a wider network of dysfunctional people and influences. There is a certain LAW OF ATTRACTION phenomena involved in Manifesting what a person concentrates their Attention upon. In the instant case of Addicts and Alcoholic gather to discuss their problems with substance abuse, there seems to be a certain validation aspect concentrated upon an Identity trapped as the effect - rather than as the cause of "problems" related to a substance abuse lifestyle.
I have realized the inherent nature of humans is essentially thas as creators. TO BE - or not to be: We cause our reality to manifest, even as the effect we cause. The essence of cause is of course concentrated attention - and the essence of that is thought. Therefore the old adage: Be Mindful of your thoughts for they will become actions - and actions become habits - and habits become character, is sage advice.
I have maintained my recovery as a spiritual being based upon that adage. Being mindful of thought processes is paramount in recovery. For instance recognizing life as a game, where there is something to win or lose, wich corresponding problems and freedoms, will permit anyone to recognize their purposes in life - and help them overcome the obstacles therein. That's pretty much the condensed version of this 500-word essay, so let me elaborate.
Understanding life as a game, there is the issue with substance abusers having lost cause somewhere along the line as Creators, and consequently suffering as effect. I have discovered that Decisions determine perception of life - and conversely; Perceptions determine decisions. The differences can make all the difference in being self-determined or other determined. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best tool I know to promote inspection of a person's decision to because in whatever game they've become the effect of. And correspondingly discovering where they'd lost control as users and had become trapped in their lifestyle game(s). Understanding the cognitive - perceptions related to Behavioral - consequences of one's creation permits reconsideration of one's purpose(s) in life.
For instance, substance abusers mostly started as users for the pleasure of it. Yet that lifestyle lowers inhibitions and the ensuing recklessness produces losses and suffering which prompts one to escape the pain via the earlier decision of using for pleasure. This contrariness is now the basic problem with most substance abusers - who consequently become trapped in this game - suffering disappointment after disappointment striving to escape their pain of losses associated with the ever-elusive pleasure of chemical stimulation.
For me personally, the pain of losses was restimulated whenever I tried to enjoy the pleasure and comradery of drinking or doing drugs. And even worse; whenever I even see substance abusers playing their games it restimulates that whole area of my life associated with painful losses. Thus it is extremely difficult for me to tolerate active substance abusers in my immediate environment without intentionally making them mindful of their insanity.
For me personally, I determined to play a different game where I could win - consistently with no remorse. I had determined to understand life - and to share that understanding.


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