Sept. 11, 2020

Personal Journal.......8/26/20

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


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(middle indent) Personal Journal
8/20/2020 (drew smiley face) I got your blog late last night, just knowing
that you are well makes me feel better. I'm spending
way to much time on my bed that's where most of
my aches are coming from now (drew smiley face) not any room to
get up and move around much unfortunately I
have a celly and there is only room for one person
at a time to be on the floor (insert smiley face) so I go by the old
prison rule only one at a time on the floor (insert smiley face) the celly
I have now understood that I've had those that
didn't. We did get 45 minutes of yard yesterday (insert smiley face)
better than nothing. the smoke was thick we're lucky
we already have to wear mask. I can taste
it in the cell this morning the smoke and now that it's
light outside I can see it hanging in the trees
and in the hills east of us. The whole of Northern
California seems to be on fire mostly started by
lighting from a freak storm over the last weekend.
The temperature have dropped down into the high
90's, 98, 99, the last day or so almost feels cold after
the last week, it's supposed to be going back up
tomorrow. 8:30 already. I've been getting up late
not sleeping well then unable to keep my eyes
open during the day boredom I think. it could
be depression but I don't feel depressed. I've
been putting weight back on drinking all those
Boosts. I don't know how much. I have a chest to
see the RN at 10AM she'll weight me. I don't want

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to put on much weight I just don't want to continue
losing it. The Boost also has me feeling more
energy in the mornings to bad I can't get out need
burn it off (insert smiley face) Still no dayroom because of the positive cases in 'C' section. There are a lot less
of them now maybe back down to 10 or 12. I heard
that one old man who lived down their die
in the hospital but that's just off the rumor mill.
They're letting us have phone calls again so I
well try to call my love when I can. If you're not
home or not up to answering I understand. Set my
calling let you know that I love you and I'm doing
alright. and you're always on my mind in my heart.
8/22/2020 Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy
Saturday birthday my dear love happy birthday to you. I
love you today the day that brings another year
of holding you in my heart rest your head upon my chest love and listen to my heart beat. I haven't
did any painting in awhile I think I start one
today. I did need some yesterday a National
Geographic. A lot of good stories in N.G's This
one was mostly about parks. Daydream about being you with me down in South America having the
culture. Remember when? I love you just as much
now as I did when you were 17 more with a love
that has lasted forever and will last forever after.
I have a print out Lupus 'Systemic Lupus

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Erythematosus an autoimmune disease. It can
damage the skin, joints, blood vessels, brain, kidneys,
lungs, heart, liver, and other internal organs. It
causes pain irritation, and inflammation. Symptoms
are joint pain swelling, fever fatigue, unusual weight loss or gain, skin rashes like the butterfly rash I have over my nose and cheeks after 45 minutes of sun yesterday, shortness of breath, chest pain, frequent urination, mental changes, hair loss :) swollen and tender lymph nodes, and swelling of the hands and feet. Symptoms come and go, like I said I'm in remission right now. Lupus is diagnosed based on symptoms, medical history, physical exam, and tests - blood tests - urine tests - Chest X-ray - skin & kidney biopsy. There is no cure for the condition. A combination of medicines over time can keep it in remission and help prevent damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys, and other organs. My eyes are burning from the smoke in the air. California is on fire some of the longer fires they've even had around here and they counted 27 of them yesterday :( It makes me labor for air as the smoke smells linger in the air. Everyone stay safe and my I've already started a letter. I am well, I would say the food is bad worse than ever but I no longer eat it :)


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