Nov. 30, 2020
by Kelly Jones (author's profile)


-by Seridina
"Dark Mother Goddess of the crossroads,
Banish this darkness that is eating at my soul,
Why am I so lost?
Take this pain from me!!...."

Dear Readers, Sat. 10-31-20 6:07p

Happy Halloween and Happy Samhain! This one is a [underlined] lot [underlined] worse than last year.
I'm currently locked in the cell listening to PeeWee and Pitbull sing "Dame Tu Amor" on C3PO.
Lately I've been reading a good science fiction series. I believe it's called "The Expanse" series (which appears to have been made into a TV series). I'm on the fourth book, "Cibola Burn," by James S.A. Corey. The first book is "Leviathan Wakes."
The latest news on the lockdown/quarantine is that they started letting us out as of this past Tuesday. According to the memo on the computer, one tier is out in the mornings from 6:45A to 9:45A, then, for some unknown reason, they count us in our cells at 10A. Then it switches at lunch so the second tier is out until 2:45p, then we're locked in the rest of the day. It's similar to the last phase, but we're out less time.
For whichever tier is out in the mornings, the other tier gets let out for breakfast first + is then locked back in. Then the next tier is let out. That tier gets lunch first, then the opposite tier gets their lunch + is let out for the afternoon.

Sun. 11-01-20 10:11A

It's a cloudy day out so it's dark in the cell. Donna Summers sings "This Time I Know It's For Real" on C3PO.
Charlie the Giraffe is laying in his "Thriller" pose in the window beneath the Luna Press calendar on my locker. Nick has been telling stories about Danbury. He talks constantly about there on Brooklyn on Raybrook. The most he spent at Danbury was 11 months on the compound + 5 months in the SHU. It's like they're his whole life + he's spent less than 1 1/2 years at any one place. He just asked me what I'm writing about, so I should move on....
Happy All Saint's Day!
OK, so last Tues. when they first let us out, our tier got screwed. It was foggy that day, so of course they had to make a big deal about that until they could have an extra "fog count." Feel free to explain the sense of a fog count when we're locked in our units and can't go anywhere in the first place.
As a result, we were let out for only about 45 minutes at most. The upper tier was out after that for about four hours. And, to make it worse, the CO screwed up + the top tier was really supposed to be out in the morning 'cause they were let out first for every other day until today when we switched to mornings.
Everything is all screwed up.
Yesterday, even though they're supposed to have the tier out at 6:45A, the trays for breakfast didn't come till way late. Our tier didn't get let out to get our trays until 8:30A. We were then locked down + the top tier was let out.
Today, a different CO let the top tier out before the trays came + they were out for almost an hour before we were let out even though mornings are now our time to be out of our cells.
When we were on the full lockdown, they brought the trays to our cell. Now they bring the tray carts to the unit + we're let out to grab them. We had one idiot CO last week who would only let one cell out at a time and made most everyone walk one long route around the tier instead of the direct route. It took this idiot an hour to serve chow.
For the record, there are only six units (out of 12) that are being let out like this. There are five other units on full lockdown - where I'm sure they have cases - plus the quarantine unit. My old unit, B-South, is one of the units on full lockdown.

Thurs. 11/05/20 4:43p

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Unfortunately, burning an effigy of someone in prison is frowned upon.
It's two days after the election here in the U.S. + I've been glued to the news. I really cannot believe the vote is so close + that they still haven't decided who won. Trump is childish + petty and an embarrassment. The fact that people here support him so strongly is just another reason I want to leave this country. And the way the Republicans in the Senate stuffed the Supreme Court full of conservative justices by refusing Obama's apointee during an election year, but pushing through Trump's in much less time is criminal and will set back this country for decades.
Let me out of here.
My tier has been out mornings this week + it really sucks. One day we didn't even have a CO show up to work this unit + they didn't start serving breakfast until 8:30A. With their nonsensical "count" at 10A, we got very little time out of our cells.
Normally we only have a 10AM "count" on weekends + holidays, but for some reason they've decided to have a "count" at 10A every day during the lockdown. It's just another thing that makes no sense.
Yesterday, they took ten of us to the Visiting Room for UA's (pee tests for drugs). The last time they did UA's was either February or March. I've heard the SHU (hole) is packed + mainly on quarantine, so I'm not sure what their reasoning is behind starting UA's at this time. I'm sure the asshole Warden is behind it.
Previously, the Visiting Room had several rows of plastic chairs set up auditorium-style. Now, they cleared out the bulk of the chairs and set up clear plastic dividers in a cubicle style that go up maybe 7 feet. So, everyone in there is gonna have to yell to hear each other.
Considering that "some people" are often very loud + disrespectful of others, I'm sure a lot of people are going to have a problem hearing. Also, you used to be able to hug + kiss your visitor once upon entering + leaving and I'm sure that's out now.
I've never had a personal visit so it doesn't matter to me, but for others it does seem like it'll suck.
For the record, they haven't started visits up again at this time. All that appears to be in preparation for the future.

11-10-20 6:00p Tues.

Hey y'all! I'm currently jamming to "Sucker" by the Jonas Brothers. I've been a little behind on my updates.
I am [underlined] so glad [underlined] that my tier is back on the afternoon shift. The morning shift sucks! This past Fri. there was a lot of fog outside. Again, why the hell this is supposed to affect us when we can't leave the unit is beyond me. And yet... they kept my tier locked in our cells all morning for a "fog count," then before that cleared they had the 10A count. We were stuck in our cells all morning. No shower, no computer, no nothing. Then the top tier got out for lunch + they were out for four hours that day.
The following day, Sat., we were also screwed over 'cause they didn't have a CO to work this unit + no one showed up till about 8:30A. Breakfast, which was served to the top tier first, didn't start until 8:45A. As a result, we only got about one hour out that morning + the top tier got 3-4 hours.
Really screwed up. They don't even try to make things fair for each unit when stuff like that happens (I mean, each tier).
Since I can't get to the library, this has really screwed up my income. Fortunately, I've made up for this somewhat by filling out betting tickets for a guy here during the (American) football season.
Also, a lot of guys here are trying for a compassionate release, especially with all the COVID crap going on. So, I've been helping them fill out their forms as part of my "legal services."
In a lot of units, there's one or more "legal guys" that people go to for legal help. These guys often refer their typing jobs to me. Unfortunately, there aren't any legal guys in this unit, so everyone comes to me with their legal questions and problems.
I hate that. I cannot tell you how sick I am about hearing guys' cases. If I had a nickel for every time I heard some guy drone on about his case I'd be rich.
I have filed cases for myself in the past, but I don't feel confident enough to charge some dude to handle his case. I lost all my previous cases. It doesn't matter what case law you bring up in a motion, U.S. courts are corrupt and will ignore it all just to rule in favor of the government - especially if you're a prisoner fighting a case on your own.
Until next time, I wish you...

Love + Blessings,


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acurran Posted 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post. I'm glad they switched your tier to the afternoon shift. Hang in there, love and blessings to you too!

Kelly Jones Posted 3 months, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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