Jan. 6, 2021

O' O' United Black America

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)


O'O' United Black America (U.B.A)
Land of the great, land of the beautiful Black Men, Women and Children. To whose flag of the Red, Black and Green, the colors symbolizing 'our' Liberty, Justice, Dignity and Honor for all. How our flag wave so elegantly bright in the sun-light of our minds, and in the shade clouds of our hearts.
Unfurling high in the air over the land, mountains and on our ships sailing over the seas. Let the flag of the R.B.G., stand alone as the beacon and the final symbol of Freedom, Liberty, Moral Decency and Equal Justice for ALL - for all those who love, respect and seek the protection and shelter of the: U.B.A.,the
United Black America (U.B.A)
Let the symbolic meaning of the U.B.A., flag stand against ALL opposition, repression and injustice of any and all kind. O' O' United Black America, O' how we love you. We rejoice, singing and standing under the shade of the mighty sanctuary of the waving R.B.G., land of the free, fair, just and compassionate.
When we see the waiving flag of the R.B.G., we know that we are safe and at home where morals, decency and justice resides.
Where equal Standards of Equal Justice reign Supreme for all.
We are so so very thankful.
The beautiful colors of the R.B.G., flag symbolically spells out the truth of all truths. That all people are equal in value, rights, privileges and fairness: All DESERVING of the inalienable right to life, liberty, fairness and equal justice. All standing members of the human race Let equal justice and freedom ring as one.
O' United Black America, true land of the free. where justice is NOT blind, but SIGHTED and Intelligent with Hearing and a unequivocal commitment to dispensing equal justice and fairness for all to see, witness, seek and enjoy.
O' how we love this land of the United Black American and for all that it stands for; and the very meaning of the colors of the Red, Black and Green waving ever so proud and gloriously, high above in this beautiful sky
Designated for all people
Finally, finally a 'true' and Real symbol of Real- Freedom and Real- Fairness and Justice for All.


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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