Jan. 6, 2021

Personal Journal

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal
When someone dies in prison the prison trys to notify the persons family or love one if the person hasn't kept the address or phone # or they don't want the body the DOC Prison system keeps it, has it cremated and I guess stores it somewhere that means that person will never stop doing time. I know I've been a bad person most of my life but no one deserves that.
It rain a lot yesterday/ last night, I've been keeping the fan going to dry thing off, it still feels damp. It's not cold, not hot but not cold I'm fully dressed. Some days you feel like doing some days you don't. Just kicked back yesterday with with a blanket over my legs + feet watching the football. maybe do something today, I am up and ready - almost got this patterned laid out ready to put paint on and I need to get started on the autobiography they want us to do for one of the classes Im doing in group - got an outline started for my childhood years - I'm not going to do to much - I started doing something like this for myself earlier in the year. I would like to get off this CTQ before my B-day this Friday :) Eyes are blurry right now.
We did another covid test here yesterday so it looks like at least a few more days CTQ, Monday maybe before Christmas I hope. Remember when I started to work on doing my autobiography back in the Spring. I didn't get very far on that one :). Now they want all of us to write our bio. in the drug group I'm in, I never really got started before because I was always [] in pain and out seeing doctors. I've got a couple of page done. They gave me a paint out on what to think about. Family growing up, childhood + teen years, drug use, criminal conduct and a whole lot of other personal stuff. I started 3 drafts yesterday, childhood - I lucky to got through that, teen years - I know I wasn't supposed to make 21 but I did, and adult - why am I alive :) I've got 5 on 6 pages laid out right now. I think they only want about 30. I got a B-day and X-mas card from Mel. Merry Christmas - you are my best none lover friend, my sister my family - You have always had hope for me no matter how bad I was. I also got a lot of messages from the blog. Thank you everyone. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas if I haven't already done it. I was out of it for a while there Pain, Medications, Out everyday seeing doctors + nurses - not able to think, on Quarantining I'm still in pain but the messages make me want to get something done. If I make mistakes, forget something, repeat myself, I'm still in pain. I must have had some charity - the poem - love notes, - I ramble in the journal but then that's what its for - to spell into the darkness. Now let me give a big thank you to everyone at Between the Bars for caring and all the work you're doing.


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