Jan. 24, 2021

Personal Journal: 1/1/2021 to 1/12/2021

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal


I wanted to open this up this morning. My
breathing is labored this morning so I won't be
writing much if anything at all. I got the results
back on two tests, both negative. Took another
Covid test yesterday if that comes back negative
for everyone we might get off quarantine. I hope
so I want to be able to go out and see some
doctors ☺ Old people in prison here in California,
65 and older in bad health are support to be on the
list for shots just like the old people in nursing
homes. Here they're going to gave it to us with
the guards or they're putting them on our list that
way we've got a good chance of getting it. I keep
hearing all kinds of bullshit about why not to take
it. I don't know if it's going to help or not but
let's say it might I ain't hear of it killing no one
yet. It's suppose to rain some more today. It
came down hard during the night everything looks
to be soaked from my window. I had to put a
blanket around my shoulder to keep the chill
from the damn air out of my bone/joints.


It was raining most of the day yesterday. I slept
in got up around 10 had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast
worked on my autobio then did a little painting. We
went outside about 12:30 walked around in the
rain it was a soft rain - no wind, didn't really
even get wet. I'm paying for it this morning.


Personal Journal

My muscles are tightened sore can't hardly move.
It will take me some getting use to and that is going
to take a lot more days of walking. I'm back
to working now after dinner now for an hour.
Just cleaning the tables but at least I'm out
of the cell moving around.

We came off quarantine yesterday - no new
cases of the virus over the last 10 days. We did
get some yard bottom teir in the morning top
teir in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day
but not that many people made it out the
door. They called yard then opened the doors and
started yelling - plus - they said bottom teir showers
one or the other. They didn't open up the dayroom
about staff. Not sure what the programs going to
be today just rumors.

Our building, 11 building got off quarantine in
the afternoon Wed. C yard is still on modified
program. The yard itself is still one teir at a time,
schools not running, not all the jobs are open -
just the ones they need to operate the prison.
I'm hoping they'll let us start going out to see
the doctors. I want to get these issues I have
taken care of. I have a lot of love ones with
birthdays in January and want to wish them
well. Lorene(17), Mindy(18), Tony(8), Ted(10), and Mama on the
10th Daddy's was in Jan. not sure of the day "wherever

Personal Journal
you are I hope you are together" I understand
now how the two of you loved one another I have had
my heart touched in that way. I love you my
heart. I remember holding Teddy on the side home
from the hospital games driving Mama resting in
the back I understand the tears in the dark I was 17 and didn't understand then I love you, little brother. We have free phone calls again on the 23rd.
1/9/2021 We got memos from our Health Care Services last night. They anticipate we will receive our first shipment of vaccines allocation this month. The initial focus will be on frontline workers and people of becoming infected or severely ill from Covid-19 (I believe that is me( :) "Who will get the vaccine first?" Medical and correctional staff who work with patients are a priority to help stop the spread. Inmates with high Covid risk scores are also included. "The sooner everyone here gets the vaccine the soon in-person visiting and other program can start back up. Until next time everyone take care.

Love Note
My Dearest Love"
1/12/2021 This will be the year we put all our love from all our past years together. Surround and fill our hearts with it, let it flow through our veins, protecting us from the cold and loneliness, our blood mixing together with the love we've formed to share. We will take this time together to repair all the streets we've build into our memories. Our footprints we leave on every sidewalk on every street. Remembering when a smile cover both our faces. A '55 Chevy passes and we start laughing at some memory that we had almost forgotten. That little one-bedroom apartment next to the railroad tracks at 19th 'K' streets, the place on 17th & '7' still lingering somewhere in the back of our minds. All or memories intertwined as in our love and our past. There is nothing about us that we don't share in one way or another. Our present comes from our past and our future will come from our present. We are a part of one another always, the love we share always, I love you always.

I'll love you always
Forever & Ever
Your Steve


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