Feb. 16, 2021
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December 03, 2020 Date mailed
February 04, 2021 9:40 PM
Between the Bars
2885 Sanford Ave Sw #30428
Grandville, MI 49418


Dear Friends:
Happy Holidays 2020!!!
As usual and always, I thank the team for allowing me this priceless gratis gift to write my ideas "across the sky"!

Accordingly, I request that my ENC, _____ pages be posted?

Thank you!
Stay Alive!
Leon Irby
DOC #033802A
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI 53901-0900

Say Her Name:
Breonna Taylor



"I Hope Someone
My Message..."
The Universe!!!

Ringo Starr,80
High Noon
Love & Peace!!!

$$ That's what people say $$
Politicians have an
answer for everything
,but solution for nothing!

America Sweet Dreams-Again!!!
Biden is back!
Clinton is back!
Obama is back!!!
And America is back to sleep.
#predictableanddull by AMY WATERS PB.org/Newshour

ABC.com The View
12-04-2020 FRI.
Joy: I want 2021....
I want to be bored in 2021 @ Joy Behar

PC! BS! And Lies!!!
"That's what people say"!!!
Lil Wayne was paid to support Pres. Trump!
That's real politick!
Tell that to black women (Ne Queens] who voted for Biden!
#JackieRobinson XOXO!
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2 of 2 1-22-2021

Blue Ivy Carter
Grammys March 2021
Pay to Play
Blue Ivy,8, is now a Grammy-nominated artist! Beyonce and Jay-Z's child was recognized for her part in her mom's song, "Brown Skin Girl."
Source: Keeping up with us
Email hotstuff@US Magazine.com
- December 28, 2020

Hilaria Baldwin
Family Drama
" This has been a part of my whole life," Hilaria recently said of her heritage amid cultural appropriation accusations. "I can't make it go away just because some people
don't understand it."
#"Everyday people"
Sly and family stone

Hilaria Baldwin
Family Drama
The Baldwins are taking sides after Hilaria's Spanish heritage scandal
January 18,2021, p.26
My "View"
It's a mad! Mad! PC "Escapist" World!
Go Senora Hilaria!!!
The real world is a stage and we are all players!!
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$$ That's what people say $$
Some people today is so full of themselves, but empty of all humanity...

Play on!
F--k! PC BS!
75 Million Votes X
Sweet Dreams!
2 of 2 Jan.12, 2021

Billie's Blues
The feds hounded her because they feared her voice. Introducing the United States vs. Billie Holliday by Yohana Desta
A New Movie directed by Lee Daniels
Vanity Fair/FirstLook
December 2020
P.P. 68-69
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My Take
I'm a black man and I am gay, Lee Daniels...
My fear remains Mr. Daniels and Mr. Barrack H. Obama, etc. shall extend "Hollywood's Gay Agenda" in portraying "Black Heroes" as black gay role models, e.g., James Baldwin;
in order to "Turn-out our innocent black youth, and advance the 'Gay movement" support for "civil rights 'in the black community!
I write not in opposition-but in whole support of our black youth!
2 of 2 02-04-2021

Camila Carbello and Shawn Mendes
While fitness-fanatic Mendes may have inspired Carbello to get into even better shape, the 22- year-old "Treat you Better" singer says his lady love,23, has helped him put
less pressure on himself."[She's] so confident with her [body]", he says, "It really changed my view of mine."
January 11,2021, p.37
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PC Branding
"The rumor Mendes hates"
Dec. 4, 2018, p.10
"Shawn Mendes admits he's upset about widespred rumor about his sexuality (i.e. "being gay"] said Patrick Doyle in Rolling Stone
"He wishes the rumors would stop and also he wishes he didn't care too much."
2 of 2 02-04-2021

Shawn Mendes
Gets Lost in Love
Rolling Stone.com
Issue 1346 Dec. 2020, P.P.
"Teach me how to Love," P.70. Id
Camilla Carbello
From suspicious rumors of being pretty gay boy
To: Camilla Made a man out of Mr. Mendes

What's Hot!!!
Rep. (D-NY) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
She is my superwoman, Her-oe!I love her! I wish for Cortez to be U.S. President 20212!
Seeing her on ABC.com (Encore 5-04-2020; Mon. 10: AMC]
Kiss Whoopi "Ring"!!! Made me braff bna
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Made Shake!!!
Google Whoopi and CHEERS alum Ted Danison 2011....
Long Live The peoples figher-AOC
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Her next four years by Michelle Ruiz
Vanity Fair December 2020
Vanityfair.com/coverstory (pic) p.p. 44-53
Becoming AOC by Michelle Ruiz
"Two elections in, the congresswoman is still fighting the fight and as sure as she ever was." p.8
I don't want be a savior. I want to be a mirror."
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The Democrats' future?
"The youngest woman to ever serve in Congress"
"She and other smart, ambitious women represent the future:"
August 7, 2020 p.7
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Becoming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
On how she got here and where she's headed by Michelle Ruiz
AOC p.44
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Rep. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez lost her fight to gain a seat on the House committee on energy and commerce, despite lobbying hard for the position.
Moderate democrats on the steering committee voted 46-13 to choose her fellow New Yorker representative Kathleen Rice instead. With some criticizing AOC's far-left policies
and support for progressive primary challengers to Democratic incumbents.
December 31,2020/ January 8, 2021
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