April 20, 2021

A Woman's Prayers

by Otis Lee Rodgers (author's profile)



YOUNG WOMEN: "Who are you?

GOD: "Thy Lord God."

WOMEN: "Father1 Father! Please! IN all these times, why haven't you answered my prayers? I an a poor women alone with a child to care for and I can no longer bear this burden alone."

GOD: "My child, why do you continue to torment and trouble Thy God? The purpose of prayer has been mistaken. Your prayers are an attempt to bride God to intercede and to change things. God is not a Genie and prayers is not the rubbing of an Alladen Lamp; nor is prayer a Wishing Well. Those who pray to Thy God to win awards, accomplishments, material wealth, things and the love of their life are WRONG: That is idoltry, heresy, and an abomination to God. God is the God of ALL...the evil and the righteous. God does not favor your needs and desires above another."

GOD: "That is not the concern or business of Thy God. The original Purpose of prayer was to commune with the Godliness of thy inner-self and not as a request-line. Prayer has been abused, prayer is not more than a focusing device for you to reach your inner-consciousness. Eons later, mankind is still dependent on what is no more than a child's pacifier. You must take "RESPONSIBILITY" for your being. It is childish for you to think that you couls just sit on your backside and manipulate Thy God with Wish Prayers and God would come a running to fulfill them?"

GOD: "Thy God is Thy Creator, not thy servant. You and God never are...When you are, God isn't. Imagine a seed that has been planted into the ground and a tree sprouts up. How foolish it would be for the tree to bow down and pray to thecatalysis seed of its beginning; when both are one and the same, inextricably connected. Contrary to what you may have believed, you have never truly ever been alone. God is forever and always by your side. Look outwardly for knowledge and inwardly for understand-
The solution you see is within you. You suffer because you have not came to an acceptance of self and and thus, you do not have an understanding of who you are. You must uncover your own understanding of self and then the wisdom of your being will be revealed."

WOMEN: "Lord Father God, Thank You, Thank You! I understand. May I still pray to you joyously, not asking, needing or wanting anything; just simply in celebration?"

GOD: " 'O' My Child, just for a little while longer and then no more. You must be weaned from this childly ritual that was created to sooth your inner-fears. Drop what is false and live in the present the here and now, in order that you may reach your full potential. That was the true purpose of prayer, a joyous meditative celebration. If you want to commune with Thy inner-Godliness; sit silently listening and after a while you will feel our presents together.. No repetitive nonsensical, primitive, ritualistic exercise of words, mantra or deeds is necessary - for 'us' to commune. God is neither hard of hearing; appreciative of childish babbling or any other such entertainment at your supposedly places of God worship; and Thy God was never in need of human sacrifice as was done in mankind's primitive past."

GOD: "You have been given all that is necessary. Stand up my child and not concern yourself with who stand with you. Drop all dependies and psychological crutches. God is a functional utilitarian God of continuous ongoing eternal purpose. God is not your guardian or crutch. Your primary directive and objective is to take care of yourself and be all that you need to be. Think not of Thy God as God, rather as Godliness a verb, a state of perpetual-doing. God is yet creating, even now and most important, the created and the creator are not two, but one in the same.
Listen very carefully: There is not now and have never been a divorce ment or demarcation between mankind and God. Accept your fears as you have so joyously accepted the blessings within your resolution. In truth, ther are one in the same; merely flipsides of the same coin. It is this lack of knowledge that has caused your suffering, it is tis understanding that will undo it."


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