April 22, 2021

Personal Journal: 3/20 to 4/1; Love Note; Poem

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal

3/20/2021 I got some more messages last night dated by BTB January 9, 2021 :) must have gotten lost in our mail room. Again thank you to singleservice for your words; thank you for ligbeth for caring. It has been raining here for a few days now. A slow soft rain. We don't get a lot of rain here in California anymore so we enjoy it when we do. I didn't get to go out for any rides to the doctors this week I would have enjoyed another ride in the rain. It's the same old yesterday here. The phones have change & we have to use the pin # we have on our I.D.'s not the I.D.# but the pin # plus the 10 number phone # plus another 4 digit # I'm going to try it today - we'll see how it worse and the cost is suppost to drop to 2 1/2 & a minute. I can call everyday at the cost all I need to do is be able to get on the phone 200 people = 6 phones 15 minutes calls :) all I need is everyone's phone #.

3/22/2021 Monday morning - cool this morning, not cold but cool - the sky looks clear, no clouds. I heard we're going to have yard this morning and that could be true right now but everything is subject to change here without notice :). I was able to talk to my love yesterday she always makes my heart race. Now I will call more often - I'll have to get new phone #s for the rest of my love ones they've changed over

Personal Journal
3/22/21 :) yards :). years
3/24/21 :) I woke u p with this smile on my face today :) <3 I got the stitches taken out of my chest yesterday. I know they were leaving them to long. THey dried out and the skin grow to them on every stitch the R.N. had to pull them loose from the skin just to get a bite to cut them 18 times :) hurt like. The R.N. was nice but she wasn't no Morilli :) They've changed all the nurses in the clinic since the beginning of the year. I saw the Rheumatologist. He's changing two of the three medications I'm taking for my Arthritis and Lupus - I saw him on a day when my finger were hurting. He seemed more worried about my oxygen eleven it was down to 79% on the first read it did get up to 94% after I was sitting there for 10 or 15 minutes relaxing. He order some tests for my Lupus and put a note in the file for the pulmonary doctor that he should run the oxygen level test sooner then later - I'm ready. - I think I'll be out of here by the end of summer to Stockton Hospital Prison :) but there people are slow about everything blaming it on Covid....
3/25/21 My sister Linda is in the hospital - don't look good
3/26/21 I wend out yesterday to the hospital in Stockton they did a swallow X-ray test to check my throat from my mouth to my stomach (esophagus) it was hard to swallow the stuff - it was

Personal Journal
3/26/21 thick and hard to suck up thought the straw it took all my breath. I haven't been able to talk to my baby sister in 4 or 5 years now - don't know what happened - she got off people money ran out on the phone. It's not looking good for her now - she's my baby sister and I love her I hope they are able to get the money set up on the phone so I can call her <3 It is hard to lose a love one while you're in the hospital I know I've lost a few.
3/29/21 Monday Good bye baby sister - with each lost it gets harder and harder not that I'm in touch with anyone except My Love + My Little Mel. I have not heard from anyone else in years. I did this myself so I'm not even able to be mad at anyone. I guess it all started when I was about 11 or 12 at least I'm not on my own now. Linda past away early Sunday morning.
4/1/2021 I want to get this in the mail today. I hope everyone is doing well - stay safe. I started a painting yesterday - did a whole lot of little stuff and cleaning - I have to stop blaming my health on not doing anything 0 it is part of it but not all - doing the work in the AOD group takes up a lot of time and I'll have to learn to work with someone else in the cell - I've got another appointment at TTA telemed doctor this morning. Take care. I would say the food is bad but I don't eat it.

Love Note
4/1/2021 My Dearest Love:


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