April 30, 2021

Personal Journal.......4/8/21

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal
4/8/2021 in the afternoon but I don't even have time for
that right now. It's even going to start taking even
longer to get out my journal and love notes
that are very important to me
4/10/2021 Sat I saw the doctor Thursday - I don't think I'm
going to be here much longer. I was having a
lot of trouble breathing. When the LVN first did my
vitals my oxygen level was 87% but she didn't
want to write that down so she started playing
with it manipulate it until she was able to get
it up to 94% after I was just sitting there awhile. When
I walked in to see the doctor from just outside the door
I was breathing even harder: he ask me what was wrong?
I told him I was having a lot of trouble breathing. I
rated on the LVN - he went out in made her do the
test over again ( I dont think he liked her the way he talked
to her) anyway it was at 87% to start with and after awhile
he was 93% but he said even that was bad so he put me
down for some tests on my lungs and a 6 minute tests
to get my oxygen level. It's for next Thursday - that
is fast for here. He also gave me a walker. Nice,
big, new one 😀that's to keep me from falling down.
I don't need it all the time - I dont even think
I can take it in the back where I have group.
I'll have to find out this coming week. I like
the Mat group - it works for me - it's small
only 5 of us in there right now - everyone seems

(3) Personal Journal
to be willing to talk some, so much other have a
hard time getting a word in. It seems we all come
from similar backgrounds - by talking about our
backgrounds from childhood to adulthood we
are working to figure out what it was in
our background that is what happened that caused
us to turn to a life of drugs and crime. I talked
to my lady today 😀 Friday, love of my life. it scares me
when we don't talk for awhile and makes me want
to dance when I am able to hook up with her.
4/18/2021 Tuesday I went out for an Ultrasound on my
lower for the Hip C - they did that here in the morning,
in the afternoon I went to Stockton to see the Speech
therapist he thinks I need a feeding tube 😀. He stopped
all appointments with him until these people have
me get a band put in my throat stretch my
throat. On Thursday I was going out to have some
breathing tests done - including the six minute walk.
I was dress and cleaned up when the appointment
was canceled - they did reschedule it for a later date.
Friday. i got an MRI done on my chest here.
They bring a truck in once a month and do
a bunch of people 😀 I was able to get this done
at 10 o clock and make it back to go to the canteen. The yard
was close, so I put in walker right in front of the canteen. Yard
opened at 10:45 - the canteen opened at 11 : I was number
one. I'll tell you about the canteen line sometime 😀🙁


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eggsaint Posted 3 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 3 years ago   Favorite
I finished transcribing your journal entries! Sorry if I have made some mistakes but I enjoyed reading about what you've been up to. I hope for more medical justice in prisons because I hate how they walk all over inmates (especially people like that nurse lady), we're all human and deserve equal medical care, we are all that we have.

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